Utility Trailer to Mini-Camper Conversion

3 Months
A 1999 Haulmark 6 x 10 utility trailer … reconditioned and converted into a mini-camper / utility trailer complete with shower, hot water, sink and stove.


Completed with new paint and graphics
Starting with an empty utility trailer:
  • Added windows and camper door latch
  • Fold-up beds
  • Counter with stove and sink
  • Shower with hot water on-demand
  • Solar panels
Food prep/eating table combination folds down from one bed while the other serves as a sitting bench. Cabinets added as well as shower, fridge, water heater, stove, sink and powered vent.
Full queen size bed
Full queen size bed when both sides are folded down. You can seek cooking and shower area in the front of the trailer.
1/2 Bed is bench, table folds down from other
Top table is higher cooking prep surface. Bottom slides forward as an eating surface.
Before work started on conversion
Started with used utility trailer
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