5 Key Decluttering Mistakes to Avoid Before You Start Sorting

I have made a lot of mistakes on my decluttering journey. I want to share them with you so you can learn from them and you'll be able to declutter your home faster and easier. What mistakes should you avoid when starting to declutter and follow a minimalist approach?

When learning how to declutter, the best thing to do is to try to make a smoother transition and a smoother process. I started a no-spend year and a half ago, and I'm still going. As I stopped spending and bringing things into my home, it allowed me to have more time to declutter

I adopted a minimalist approach to my home and life, and it's made a big difference. Instead of going out shopping, I realized that I had way too much stuff, and I started decluttering. As I did so, I realized how beneficial it was to my mental health and how it was helping me to feel calmer at home.

I made a few mistakes along the way that I thought I would share with you so that you can get through the process a little bit easier and get motivated to declutter.

1. No pressure

The first thing I learned was not to put pressure on myself. There's no time limit to decluttering. You don't have to do it at a certain time.

Don't put that added pressure on yourself to achieve a certain amount by a certain time. Do it at your own pace and take the time you need to declutter and process your stuff.

2. Stop buying

The second mistake to avoid is buying new stuff. That was a real

game changer for me; if you buy more stuff, you're still adding to the problem.

Try and track your spending to see what it is that you're spending money on to help you work out where you can reduce your spending. If you stop buying, you're more likely to be able to get a hold of the amount of clutter in your home.

Stop buying

3. Storing decluttered items

My third mistake was to keep stuff that you have decluttered in boxes and leave them around the house. When you declutter items, you need to set them into different piles, whether donating, selling, or trash, and you need to get rid of those boxes and items as soon as possible.

This might mean dedicating a certain day or a certain amount of time every week to declutter and remove those items from

your home.

4. Have a plan

My fourth mistake was not having a plan or a goal. If you don't know why you're doing it or your purpose for decluttering, it will be hard to get motivated. Get thinking about why you want to declutter what you're hoping to achieve.

Are you just hoping to have a calmer bedroom, or do you want an easier living room to tidy up? At the end of the day, decide what your purpose is and what you want that to look like, and it will help you to achieve that goal because you'll have that vision in your head of what it is you want to achieve.

Decluttering mistakes

5. Worrying what others think

My last mistake was worrying about what other people think. Many people will give their opinions about you decluttering, saying that you shouldn't get rid of things for this reason. Their opinions don't matter. What matters is that you feel happy with your home and your environment.

Many people will come to you and worry about what they think is not worth dealing with. It's what you think that matters over anything else. The purpose of decluttering and minimalism is to do something that works for you. So try not to think about the whole world and how they might do it. It's your home, so think about what works for you.

Decluttering mistakes

As you learn how to declutter your home, you'll better avoid decluttering mistakes. Your home will become clutter-free, enabling you to live a simpler, minimalist lifestyle.

I hope my decluttering tips help you get motivated, stay motivated, and achieve your decluttering goals. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Anne Anne on Sep 23, 2023

    I just read your article…….Thank you Rachel…….I found it simple, direct and to the point. Definitely going to try this….( 1 day and 1 room at a time)

    Anne :-)

  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Jan 09, 2024

    Take your time is a biggie. I am a senior with health issues that I must pace myself. I do a little at a time and I am making progress one room at a time. When the grown kids come to visit I will have them help with the big heavy stuff.

    • BonDiva BonDiva on Apr 12, 2024

      For a minute, I thought I had already posted on this article because your words echoed mine exactly. I moved two years ago after 12 years in the same place and had to pitch so much of my expensive home business supplies. I am in a much smaller apartment and it is already filling up as I change my activities and interests. How blessed we all are in this country to have enough to give away and share.