Simple Dollar Tree Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

by Simplify

There are many Dollar Tree organization hacks you can use to organize your home. Kathryn shows us some creative ways to use Dollar Tree items. She even does a couple of DIY projects using Dollar Tree items to create different storage hacks.

You can create extra storage space above the doors in your home. Dollar Tree has some great inexpensive floating shelves. Try hanging a floating shelf above the door in the bathroom to store extra toilet paper or clean towels.

For easy access, pick up a grabber from Dollar Tree. Grabbers have a clasping device at the top of a long rod. They are perfect for getting things down from high places.

If you have tons of wires lying around, you can create your own little makeshift wire-holding drawers. Dollar Tree sells nice metal baskets.

Using some command hooks, which are also sold at Dollar Tree, just stick the hooks to the underside of your desk or table and slide the basket so it rests on those hooks. Now you have a great place to stash wires so they aren’t just lying around on the floor.

Dollar Tree organization hacks for small spaces

Another great project is to create vertical storage for things like lids and baking trays. Pick up 3 metal paper towel holders and some zip ties from Dollar Tree.

Connect the towel holders at the base using the zip ties and you have vertical storage. Taking things in and out of cabinets when they’re stacked is a pain. Storing them vertically makes it easy.

Dollar Tree organization hacks for small spaces

Don’t waste money buying expensive storage. Dollar Tree offers so many great products. Even items that were not intended to be used for storage can be utilized in creative ways to make unique and functional organizing hacks.

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