8 Genius Lazy Susan Organizing Ideas For Your Home

A Lazy Susan is a round plastic or wooden tray that rotates. The purpose of a Lazy Susan is to make a variety of items accessible with a simple turn instead of rifling through everything to find one specific item.

A Lazy Susan organizer makes items easily accessible from the back and corner of a cabinet or surface. But a Lazy Susan is not meant to hold a lot of heavy items or it will wobble and not turn correctly.

They can be expensive so you don’t want to spend money on one if you don’t need one. But I’ll show you Lazy Susan organizing ideas so you can see how this item can work for your needs.

Lazy Susan cabinet organizer

1. Use a Lazy Susan in a corner

Use a Lazy Susan in a corner of a pantry or corner cabinet that’s tough to reach. That way you can have access to items and you’ll never forget that you have them. For larger spaces, use a Lazy Susan with railings so items don’t fall off into the back of the cabinet.

Lazy Susan spice rack

2. Use it for spices and oils

Turn your Lazy Susan into a spice rack. You can fit a lot of small spice bottles or tall, thin oil bottles on one Lazy Susan.

How to organize a Lazy Susan cabinet

3. Use it for tall items 

If you don’t have a pantry, use the middle of a Lazy Susan to store taller items and surround them with smaller bottles or items. That way you can see the taller item.

Arranging labels facing out

4. Strategically arrange labels on a Lazy Susan

Place the items you put on a Lazy Susan with the labels facing out.

Installing a Lazy Susan upside down

5. Install a Lazy Susan upside down 

Place a Lazy Susan upside down inside a cabinet. Apply adhesive hooks around the edges or if you have a wooden Lazy Susan, use screws. This is a great way to hold cups and other hanging items in a cabinet.

Using a Lazy Susan in your office

6. Use a Lazy Susan in your office 

Here’s a bonus hack for Lazy Susans. You can use a Lazy Susan for things other than pantry items. Use one in a studio or office to hold a phone or camera on a tripod. Put the Lazy Susan, tripod, and camera on a table and you will have an instant 360-degree recording option.

You can also use a Lazy Susan to organize your office closet or even items on your desk.

Choosing a size for your Lazy Susan

7. Choosing a size for your Lazy Susan

When choosing the size of a Lazy Susan, you want to purchase for a cabinet, look at the group of items you want to organize and measure approximately how much space you’ll need. Also measure your cabinet space to see what size Lazy Susan can fit.

For example, a 10-inch deep cabinet can fit a 10-inch diameter Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan organizer ideas

Where to shop for Lazy Susans

8. Where to shop for Lazy Susans

Look in places like dollar stores for smaller Lazy Susans that can work in narrow cabinets. For larger and more durable Lazy Susans, try The Container Store, Walmart, Target, and Amazon and other home goods retailers. 

Lazy Susan organizing ideas

I hope Lazy Susans can help you with your organizational efforts! Let me know below in the comments where you use Lazy Susans for organization and what you store on them. 

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  • Nimfa Dg Nimfa Dg on Nov 11, 2022

    I bought marbles and 2 pans to make a lazy susan👍👍

    • Marimack Marimack on Nov 12, 2022

      Tell me how Please! I love making my own things! Thank you.

  • Jan58126766 Jan58126766 on Mar 16, 2023

    Have used lazy susan for decades - love them, in the fridge - condiments, cabinets for oils, vinegars and other tall bottles, a two tiered one for canned goods, another two tiered one for spices (actually two, side by side), also a lovely marble one on the kitchen table.. SO handy!