What Not to Buy at Dollar Tree: 21 Items You Should Never Buy

by Simplify

Christine, The Frugal Fit Mom herself, says that she’s always been a big fan of shopping at Dollar Tree. But, with the recent price hikes, she’s ready to search the store shelves again for what not to buy at Dollar Tree these days (as of May 2022).

Topping Christine’s list of the items not to buy at Dollar Tree is shredded cheese. The shredded cheese-like product they sell is not actually cheese at all, and it won’t even melt. Added to her list of what food should you not buy at Dollar Tree is cream cheese and sour cream because they’re not real dairy products either. Plus, the frozen pizza is actually more expensive than it is at other discount retailers.

What should you not buy at Dollar Tree besides food? Christine says their thin, cheap toilet paper is definitely on the list. And so are plastic food storage containers, flatware, kitchen shears, disposable razors, and batteries.

Furthermore, Christine says anything in the electronics section of the store should also be avoided. From off-brand batteries to headphones, electronics are definitely things not to buy at Dollar Tree. Christine bought a USB phone charger there once, and it started smoking.

Avoid buying electronics at Dollar Tree

Rounding out her list of what not to buy at Dollar Tree are items like dog waste bags, battery-operated tea lights, powdered coffee creamer, saltine crackers, cake and brownie mixes, frosting, cereal, and Monster energy drinks.

According to Christine, these items are often a waste of money because either the quality is not there or the products are so small you can save money by buying them in bulk elsewhere.

What not to buy at Dollar Tree

Lastly, Christine says that her list of what not to buy at Dollar Tree also includes canned goods because the sale price on these items is well below a dollar at other retailers in most areas.

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  • Millie Millie on Sep 12, 2023

    I’m happy with what I buy at $ Tree, I’ve rarely bought any food items except I do buy the Gossner shelf milk and keep for emergency purposes. It is $1.25 for a quart which I pay almost $6.00 a gallon at our only grocery store. As far as shredded cheese goes, none of the shredded cheese is good for you anyway, it has cellulose it it (plastic) it keeps it from clumping up. Unfortunately I’m not into shredding my own because my grocery store has limited supplies of everything.

    • Barbara Jasienski Barbara Jasienski on Sep 13, 2023

      Not specifically, but where do you live? It sounds rural. "Only grocery store" "limited supplies"

  • Linda Wagner Linda Wagner 7 days ago

    The Dollar Tree you show is MUCH more organized and cleaner than ANY of the ones in my area, Sometimes have to organize the shelf to find the item I'm looking for. With that said I agree with all the things you said in your video especially the Betty Crocker Bowls.

    I still shop at Dollar Tree and fine some good buys in the craft section. I am constantly checking expiration dates on any food items and learned just because it's a well known name doesn't mean it works, ie Betty Crocker bowls.