5 Easy High-End Dollar Tree DIYs For Your Home

by Simplify

Megan from Glue Guns & Roses shares five easy Dollar Tree DIY room decor ideas that mimic high-end looks. The beauty of these ideas is that they don’t look like Dollar Tree DIYs! Stick around to see her tips, tricks, and techniques.

1. Bubble vase

Evenly space out colorful pop-up button-style stickers all over the outside of a small clear glass vase. Leave it as is, or, after adding stickers, spray paint the entire vase one color. Megan used Rust-Oleum’s Hammered spray paint in brown, for an amazing look with lit candles.

2. Textured planter

Mix equal parts of spackle and any type of paint into a jar or bowl. Paint the mixture onto the planter and tray (pop it off for easier painting). Add more paint of another color into your mix and stencil it on. Once dry, dry brush the raised parts with paint for extra texture. Paint the tray a solid color (no stenciling required).

3. Tray

Take four 18-inch-long wooden signs. Glue them together to create a tray. Then paint. Hot glue Dollar Tree’s faux leather ribbon onto the sides as handles. Hammer the leather in with decorative tacks for durability.

DIY home decor

4. Wreath

Grab a bamboo wreath, a few faux flowers, and eucalyptus garlands or sprays. Put the eucalyptus around the wreath, fill in gaps with flowers, and fluff for the fullness. This costs a fraction of a store-bought version.

5. Basket

Get a plastic container and two packs of decorative nautical rope. Cover the container by hot gluing the rope around the outside. Just like the tray, add strips of faux leather ribbon with glue and tacks for handles.

Dollar Tree DIYs

Be on the lookout for that rare leather ribbon that gives an elegant touch to Dollar Tree DIY projects. Does this DIY Dollar Tree decor look upscale to you? Let us know in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel.

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  • Mary Lou Mary Lou on May 08, 2023

    With the halloween bucket, maybe try lining the inside with fabric or even contact paper? just an idea??

    • Dion Harris Dion Harris on Jun 17, 2023

      Yeah, that would be SO much more efficient: a quick fix to the initial oversight. 😉

  • Dion Harris Dion Harris on Jun 17, 2023

    These ideas are so clever! Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us.

    I've noticed for the past two or three months that I'm shopping Dollar Tree more than I ever imagined I would. I'm buying taper candles, gardening supplies, picture frames and dog treats, in particular. Your DIYs are extra deals to be on the lookout for!