This Tiny House in Tokyo Was Inspired By Japan's Edo Period

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This architect’s tiny house in Tokyo is inspired by the tradition of minimalism in Japan’s history.

At first, the architect, Takeshi Hosaka, planned on building a two-story house. However, his wife, Megumi, was reading a book about Japan’s Edo period, when people lived in small houses. This convinced Takeshi to build a one-story home instead. He named his creation “Love2House”, as it's custom-designed to suit the lifestyle and hobbies of him and his wife.

The building is set among a quiet block of apartment buildings. To avoid neighbors being able to see in, Takeshi built a high roof with a skylight.

At the entrance to the house, there are over 300 records and a CD player. Once you step inside, there are hangers for personal items, and a living room space with sliding glass doors to the outdoor path, which also has a lively plant garden that provides a little spot of nature in the city. Takeshi and Megumi like to sit there, read, and enjoy snacks together.

The tiny home has an area for plants

The dining table/workbench is custom-made, with legs from an old family sewing machine, and has a custom-made window above it, with shelves that are used to house pottery and crockery. There is aluminum lamp lighting that can clip onto shelves and walls but be moved when necessary.

The stainless steel kitchen is in the middle of the house, with a device in the sink to wash glasses, and a fish grill under the stove—further examples of how the house and its utilities and furniture were all made with the couple’s specific needs in mind. The kitchen also has a moving trolley, such as the type used to bring people food on airplanes. It has food storage inside it, with a toaster oven on top.

A bookshelf next to the bathroom was custom-fitted for the couple’s books. The bathroom itself is simple but functional.

The bedroom has a queen-size bed, with a niche to fit books and other small personal items on one side, and double five-shelf hanging clothes storage on the other side. The shower can be accessed from the bedroom on one side, while on the other side, it exits to the patio. The bedroom also opens onto the patio, which has an outdoor bath, perfect for a romantic evening.

Tiny house in Tokyo

This beautiful tiny house in Tokyo is a work of art, showing that beauty and minimalist living can go hand in hand.

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