You Won't Believe This Futuristic Sci-Fi Apartment is in Hong Kong

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This small, self-contained apartment was designed to look like an art gallery. Its clean lines and squares create a modern, spacious look. The unit has been dubbed a sci-fi apartment because of its futuristic aesthetic.

The apartment is located in a 2011 residential building in Tai Hung, a neighborhood of Hong Kong that combines both old and new, luxury and affordable, housing.

The apartment was originally a two-bedroom, two-bathroom that was gutted in order to create an open-plan living space. The only things left from the original floorplan were the structural walls. The new floor plan combines the living, dining, and bedroom space.

The sci-fi apartment is located in the Tai Hung area of Hong Kong

When you enter, you pass through the kitchen, which has pull-out, full-length storage on the right and open space on the left. There is a sculpted door that leads to the living room, which is decorated with a light palette to give the illusion of more space, with metallic touches on the ceilings.

The living room has vertical screens, a TV cabinet, and a sofa, which provides access to the balcony in the back, alongside sculptural resin pieces, such as the candy cube coffee table and the dining table. The room is illuminated by soft glow lighting. The lighting is dawn lighting that radiates from orange to green, adding to a sci-fi glow that creates a spaceship-like atmosphere.

The dining room wall is also the back wall of the bedroom, creating a cozy sleep enclosure.

Across from the bed, a folding screen hides the workstation when not in use, while the dining room chair on wheels can be easily transported to become an office chair when necessary.

The bathroom has a metal decorative motif, from the custom-made metallic sink to the metallic accents on the floor and ceiling, and the finishes that incorporate stainless steel and translucent glass. Because there is no natural light in the bathroom, the designers added a fake skylight with fake sunbeams.

Sci-fi apartment

This ethereal-looking micro apartment creates a unique sci-fi feel in the middle of Hong Kong.

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