This Cute Micro Apartment in Amsterdam Used to Be Public Housing

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Amsterdam is a major metropolis that suffers from a common problem facing many modern cities: a discernible lack of affordable housing. However, this micro apartment in Amsterdam shows that tiny loft apartments can be a good urban living solution for those willing to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

The 1916 building is located in a quiet area near the city center. It was originally designed as public housing, so this apartment didn’t have a private toilet when it was first built and residents were expected to use communal facilities.

However, by the time Peter and Eline moved in, the apartment was equipped with its own bathroom, though they did extend the bathroom to give it a spacious feel. They also installed a shower to the side of the bathroom that adjoins the kitchen wall. The new double-shower bathroom setup allows two people to shower at once.

Before they divided the rest of the apartment into different areas, Peter and Eline spent time in the empty apartment stripped down as a completely open space, practicing their daily habits to see which parts of the apartment best suited their activities and lifestyle.

They then built demo spaces using cardboard boxes and furniture to test out their design. Only once it had passed the test did they go ahead and carry out their tiny apartment makeover.

This micro apartment is located in the Spaarndammerbuurt neighborhood of Amsterdam

Peter and Eline tried to balance between storage and light flowing spaces, using walls of cabinets to separate the different use areas of the apartment. Mirrors are also used to reflect space and give the apartment a feeling of being bigger than it is.

The couple took the external staircase that connected to the upstairs storage space and turned it into an indoor staircase. Next, they converted the storage space into a bedroom, which transforms the space into a tiny loft apartment.

The kitchen and dining area are nicely set up for cooking and hosting, with amenities such as a stainless steel sink, induction hob, oven, dishwasher, and wooden dining room table that can seat up to six.

Micro apartment in Amsterdam

This micro apartment in Amsterdam is setting an example of how tiny living can be a great way to enjoy an urban lifestyle.

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    Soooo creative! Just curious about cost involved. You did a magically comfortable space. Kudos to you both. Jean