How to Reduce Visual Clutter Around Your Home

by Simplify

Today, Kallie from But First, Coffee is sharing 7 simple ways to reduce visual clutter in your home. Her tips are designed to help you learn how to reduce visual clutter now so that you can pare down the number of items that you own, be mindful of the stuff already gathered around your home, and appreciate the simplicity of having less clutter lying all around.

To eliminate visual clutter, Kallie suggests removing unnecessary packaging and labels from the products that you buy. You can pull products out of the packaging they came in, peel labels off of them, or move them to a more neutral, cohesive package like clear glass jars or plastic food containers. This works especially well for items left out on open shelves or counters because you can actually see them where they are.

You can also give everything you own a designated place where it belongs in order to declutter and organize any space. This applies to literally everything that has a permanent place in your home. After that, you can focus on finding a spot for any items that won’t remain in your home long-term, so that they can be out of sight until you’re done with them.

How to get rid of visual clutter

Wondering how to declutter and organize random receipts? Kallie says she keeps the ones she needs clipped away in her pantry and scans them with an app before throwing them away.

How to get rid of visual clutter

Other ways to get rid of visual clutter, as suggested by Kallie, include doing an audit of the stuff you have sitting out, hiding all electrical wires by using cable covers, holders, or clips, showing just enough of something so you recognize the item with a quick glance but still giving it a clean, cohesive look, and being mindful of the storage bins and baskets that you buy.

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