How to Reduce Visual Clutter: 15 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

by Simplify

All clutter is annoying, but visual clutter can really stress you out. Luckily, Mia Danielle has come up with 15 different ways to eliminate visual clutter inside your home. It’s time to say goodbye to all of those pesky items you can never seem to get rid of once and for all.

Discovering how to reduce visual clutter is as simple as looking all around you, says Mia Danielle. The first place to start is to look at the floor where shoes tend to pile up—especially when you have kids at home. By placing a shoe rack near each entryway, you can resolve this problem quickly and stop tripping over shoes already.

Reducing visual clutter can also be as easy as masking every eyesore. For example, you can place home decor in front of electrical cords so that you don’t see them hanging down. Sometimes, you can’t get rid of visual clutter but that doesn’t mean you can’t hide it.

Owning less stuff overall is another obvious solution you can employ. Plus, you can create a central hub or station and use a blanket collector for all of your visual clutter needs. Having a set location with an organizational structure in place will make items look like they belong there.

Visual clutter on a table

Mia Danielle also recommends using bins to collect like items, sticking to 3 to 5 colors, textures, or patterns per room so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming, and establishing a space for each small appliance.

You can also band up cords, create small groupings and negative space, and keep knives off the countertop. Each of these tricks makes visual clutter tend to disappear.

Lastly, Mia Danielle says visual clutter can also be tackled by consolidating like items, lifting items vertically, and using artistic and visually-appealing counter pieces to draw your attention.

How to reduce visual clutter

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