What Not to Do When Decluttering: 5 Things You're Doing Wrong

by Simplify

Decluttering is one of those house projects on everyone’s mind, but many people fail time and time again to successfully declutter their space.

Fortunately, Mia Danielle is stepping in to teach you how your continued failure actually stems from cleaning not decluttering. And she’ll show you what not to do when decluttering next time so that you can check this tedious task off of your list once and for all.

Mia Danielle says that the biggest problem is that decluttering projects often come with a lot of confusion. Many people think that decluttering means getting rid of all of your stuff, but she’s quick to point out that it really means only getting rid of the stuff that no longer serves you.

Whether it’s throwing away broken items or donating gifts you’ll never use, learning how not to declutter means getting rid of the misconception that you have to eliminate everything you own in order to be successful. Therefore, what not to do when decluttering your home is to think that every possession you own is clutter.

Instead, Mia Danielle says to think of clutter as any item you don’t want or need. For example, the miscellaneous things on your countertops, hanging on your walls or sitting on the floor. All of these add to the visual clutter and should be taken out of your home altogether.

What not to do when decluttering

Keep in mind, rehoming is simply cleaning up. It’s not decluttering. Because the same items have been moved somewhere else, but they’re still inside your home.

Lastly, Mia Danielle points out how organizing items, storing items, swapping items, or counter-scraping items in a junk drawer are other examples of what not to do when decluttering. The end result is the same. You still own the same number of items, so you’re right where you started.

What not to do when decluttering

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