The Top 15 Lazy Decluttering Tips For Clutter-Free Living

by Simplify

Mia Danielle has plenty of decluttering tips to help you turn your messy home into a peaceful space that you can really enjoy. And because she likes to keep her own house lazy-friendly at all times, she’s sharing her top 15 hacks for how to declutter your home the laziest way possible.

Wondering how to declutter your entire home and still be a little lazy this weekend? Mia Danielle says the first step in decluttering your home the lazy way is to focus on the space and not the stuff you have there.

Another one of her helpful tips for decluttering the lazy way is called heat mapping. Heat mapping means to put all of your items in one area of your house then move them to a different area of your house after you actually use them. That way you can see which items weren’t used in a specific timeframe and get rid of them.

Other lazy decluttering tips she shares include keeping an ongoing donation bag, slowly removing items in an organic way, decluttering by category or task, using a water bottle instead of having extra glasses lying around, and using a disbursement box or bin for items that need to be relocated or removed from your home.

Keeping a donation box for decluttering

Mia says there are more lazy decluttering tips that she personally uses at home which include leaving shoes at the door, having a blanket bin, investing in a robot vacuum, removing unnecessary furniture, and organizing later, less, or not at all.

The final 3 lazy decluttering tips Mia shares are using velcro strips to bind cords, reducing the resistance in your mind when it comes to starting a decluttering project for your home, and finding an accountability buddy.

Lazy decluttering tips

With these decluttering tips, anyone can declutter their home no matter how lazy they like to be.

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To see more videos, check out the Mia Danielle YouTube channel.

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