This Loft Bed Tiny Apartment is Tucked Away in a 1800s Building

by Simplify

This loft apartment in Victoria, BC makes intelligent use of tiny loft apartment design to create a small home that feels both spacious and luxurious.

By turning the crawl space into a bedroom loft, and placing the kitchen and bedroom below the loft, the apartment maximizes the space for a nice-sized living room that makes full use of the aesthetics of this heritage building, which was built in the 1800s.

Exposed brick and the original metal beam, combined with an electric fireplace and vintage furniture, lean into the apartment’s history and give it a cozy feel that is accentuated by the DIY chandelier and the funky hanging rattan chair.

This loft bed tiny apartment can also accommodate guests, with a pullout couch that can sleep overnight company. A large-screen TV above the fireplace is perfect for movie nights.

The spaciousness of the living space in this micro loft apartment is made possible by intelligent use of the vertical spaces by locating the kitchen and bathroom below the sleep loft. This comes at the price of small, 7-foot ceilings in those rooms, though it is balanced by the 12-foot high ceilings in the living area.

The bathroom is compact and contains a toilet, sink, and shower, with a green accent wall. The kitchen is fitted with compact appliances, including a fridge, oven, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.

Heritage buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

The bedroom in this loft bed tiny apartment can be reached by ladder. It has a king-size bed on pallets, which allow the mattress to breathe and create extra space to sit on the bed.

The comfortable bed setup feels very secure thanks to a wrap-around railing, which is made out of glass to give the bedroom a feeling of space and light. The skylight above the bed also adds to the loft bedroom’s feeling of light and airiness.

Loft bed tiny apartment in Victoria, British Columbia

Overall, the intelligent interior design in this tiny loft apartment is a reminder that sometimes small apartments can be great tiny living solutions, especially for those wishing to live in a more urban environment.

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