Dollar Tree's Incredible New Product Lines (Here's the Scoop!)

by Simplify

Welcome to the magical realm of savings and savvy purchases: the world of Dollar Tree. Kathryn from Do It on a Dime unveils her latest Dollar Tree secrets that even the most seasoned shoppers may not be aware of. From versatile cleaning products to DIY event décor, Dollar Tree seemingly has it all. Let's discover what Kathryn's latest excursion has unearthed.

1. Unveiling the Power of the Peppermint-Sage Cleaner

Dollar Tree's new all-purpose peppermint-sage cleaner is a find that Kathryn is excited to share. This cleaner is perfect for glass, wood, metal, and just about any other surface in your home.

2. Discovering the Versatility of Wash Mitts

Dollar Tree's brand-new wash mitts are soft, easy to clean, and highly efficient in removing dust and grime from different surfaces.

3. Unearthing the Treasures of Outdoor Decor

Kathryn highlights the newly introduced citronella candles and patio outdoor seat cushions at Dollar Tree.

Summer has never been more relaxing than with Dollar Tree!

4. Building a Blossom Bar

Kathryn used Dollar Tree products to create an innovative "Blossom Bar" with wooden crates, buckets, ribbons, dowel rods, bunting, and mini vases.

5. Crafting Custom Gifts with Bulbs and Wooden Boxes

Further along the aisles of Dollar Tree, Kathryn discovered gorgeous bulbs and wooden boxes that make excellent gifts.

6. Going Beyond Plastic: New Styles of Plates and Towels

Kathryn raves about the brand-new bee and lemon-themed plates that mimic Pottery Barn styles!

Make sure to check out the high-end-looking towels for your kitchen.

7. Crafting a Floral Display with Chargers and Foam

This project is perfect for brightening up a birthday party, shower, or wedding.

8. Nurturing Your Green Thumb with Air Plants and Succulents

For plant lovers, Kathryn has exciting news - Dollar Tree carries rocks, sand, moss, and shells, perfect for creating a DIY terrarium. Whether you're a seasoned plant owner or a newbie, this is a fun and affordable project.

9. Hosting Made Easy with Ice Buckets and Iridescent Cups

These items, perfect for any party, add a splash of color and style to your hosting essentials.

10. Unraveling the Magic of Puck Lights and Popcorn Kernels

When combined with popcorn kernels in a glass jar, Puck lights create a magical effect.


In summary, Kathryn's trip to Dollar Tree unveiled a treasure trove of budget-friendly finds, from practical cleaning products to exciting DIY décor and party essentials. So why wait? Embrace Kathryn's insights and make your next Dollar Tree adventure a fruitful one!

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  • Den33546084 Den33546084 on Sep 04, 2023

    You have some really great ideas but you go so fast I can’t keep up and end up frustrated. Are your instructions in print anywhere? I’m looking for easy seasonal projects to do with seniors at an assisted living facility so your suggestions are much appreciated. I hope the instructions for projects are in print.

  • P P on Dec 31, 2023

    Swiffer pads can also be washed - be sure to let them air dry instead of using a fabric softener so they will remain absorbent!