11 Things You Forget to Declutter & What to Do About Them

by Simplify

Are you ready to start decluttering but do not know where to begin? Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee feels strongly about decluttering your home in small portions every single day as opposed to one huge decluttering spree.

Moreover, to help you in this process, she has created a list of 11 things you forget to declutter.

1. Socks

If a lonely sock has not found its pair after two laundry cycles, get rid of it.

2. The space above the fridge

Since you don’t always see the top of the fridge, you tend to forget the things you have put there.

3. Social media

Don’t feel obligated to keep following people whose presence in your feed makes you feel worse, not better.

4. Vitamins and medications

Medications do expire, and keeping those you do not use in your house is just not helpful.

5. Books

Books may be hard to part with, but most of them we will not come back to, so just give them a new home.

6. Cleaning supplies

Try not to buy single-use items, and take a look at the supplies you have accumulated once in a while.

7. Makeup and skincare products

“One in, one out” is a great rule for these products.

8. Jewelry

We might forget about jewelry because these pieces do not take up much room, but it is still worth going through them.

Decluttering a linen closet

9. Linen closet

No home needs 24 sheets or towels.

10. Food storage

If you cannot find the lid of your Tupperware, just throw it out.

11. Paper

For some reason, things feel more important once they are printed out. Still, no reason to keep all those papers.

Things you forget to declutter

Hopefully, now you feel more confident about how to declutter your home. If you want to share any other decluttering tips, feel free to leave a comment!

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To see more videos, check out the But First, Coffee YouTube channel.

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  • Merinda Merinda on Apr 27, 2023

    Any ideas for top sheets and pillowcases? Have an abundance and no idea what to do with them...!!!

    • See 1 previous
    • BonDiva BonDiva on Sep 07, 2023

      Send them to me please! I make clothing with them, quilt backs, pillow shams. I also prefer to use them after a bath for my "towel-togas." I like the cotton ones and cotton blends the best. You can dye them for clothing and for CoPlay and theatre as well.

      You can take the pillowcases and have people use fabric pens and marker and paints on them for fun and do tie--dye on them for a party or activity. endless things!

  • MISSMAC IN TX MISSMAC IN TX on Aug 25, 2023

    Sheets can be doubled and used to make slings or to move animals who are hurt. Or light bedding.

    a pillowcase with a corded top sewn in can be used to prevent cats from clawing and escaping care. Kinda hard to run away/climb with just your head sticking out of the “bag”😃

    • BonDiva BonDiva on Sep 07, 2023

      My kitty is too freaking slipper and strong. I could do it until after I adopted her and fed her better. She is a Russian Blue and her fur looks like a little seal.