23 Game-changing Dollar Tree Hacks

by Simplify

Amazon hacks have been all over the internet, but those might get a bit pricey. Kathryn from Do It On A Dime shares some awesome Dollar Tree hacks to make your life at home easier.

Let’s start with a couple of Dollar Tree organization hacks. To hold cleaning supplies, stick a mop and broom holder on the inside of your cabinet door.

You can also get an over cabinet towel bar, take it apart, and stick it through a paper towel roll to fixate it on the lower part of a cabinet. 

Kathryn offers some great Dollar Tree cleaning hacks, too. Stick a mason jar with holes on the cap filled with baking soda to absorb odors.

At the end of the month, use it in your sink and run it down the garbage disposal to give it a clean. You can use an extra large locker bin as a cheap dispenser for trash bags: Just put them through the hole on the side!

Dollar Tree also offers some cooking supplies. To slice an onion for a salad or a hamburger, put a fork through it and use a McCormick peeler to create thin translucent slices. You can also use McCormick scissors to cut nearly anything in the kitchen: from pizza to chicken breast. 

Peeling an onion

Another cool cooking tip from Kathryn: Create a homemade airfryer with a cookie pan and a cooking rack! Just place them in the oven on a convection setting. Kathryn makes bacon rolls in 10 minutes at 350 degrees, and they turn out perfectly crispy.

Speaking of food, Kathryn recommends Olive Garden dressing and Zesty Italian dressing for marinades. Veggie straws can complete any meal and make it a bit healthier.

Finally, for healthier and cheaper popcorn, fill a Dollar Tree paper bag with a quarter cup of popcorn kernels, roll it up and microwave for a minute.

These are just some of the DIY Dollar Tree hacks from Kathryn. Hopefully, they will prove useful at your home as well! Comment your favorite down below.

Dollar Tree hacks

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