25 Must-Have Dollar Tree Kitchen Items

by Simplify

There are some incredibly useful Dollar Tree kitchen items. Kitchen supplies can get expensive but if you shop smart you’ll save a lot. Here are some great products you can stock your kitchen with from Dollar Tree.

You can get a lot of name brands for a fraction of the price at Dollar Tree. Reynolds Wrap pre-cut foil sheets are really convenient, especially if you just want to quickly cover up some leftovers and pop them in the fridge. It comes with 25 sheets, so it’ll last you a while. If you don’t like the pre-cut foil, you can also find a roll of 18 square feet of Reynolds Wrap.

Dollar Tree has a lot of great food containers. There’s a cylinder container that comes with two in a pack. The twist-top lid makes it great for shaking up salad dressing without having to worry about leaks.

They have Rubbermaid containers, so you know you’re getting a high-quality brand at a fraction of the price. They also sell some gorgeous containers that are microwave safe. They’re great for bringing to potlucks, and because they’re so cheap you won’t mind leaving them behind.

Dollar Tree kitchen items

The metal napkin holder goes great with the metal paper towel roll holder. Matching products give a coordinated design feel to your kitchen while keeping your paper goods organized. Since napkin holders and paper towel holders will be sitting out, it’s nice to have something that looks like a set.

You can use the small cutting boards for quickly cutting some fruit to snack on. Their Betty Crocker potato masher is plastic, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your pots. With oven mitts, scrub brushes, and pizza cutters, you can find almost anything you need for your kitchen at a great price.

Dollar Tree kitchen items

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    You might use those scissors to cut the soap pads into quarters. Usually a quarter or a pad is plenty to do a nasty pan.