5 Simple Fridge Hacks to Help You Reduce Waste & Get Organized

by Simplify

You know that sinking feeling when you open up the refrigerator doors to find an utter disaster in there? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that feeling forever.

Dawn has 5 fridge hacks you can use to keep this large home appliance clean and organized for good, and she’s here to cheer you on along the way.

Not only do these fridge-cleaning hacks take away some of the stress of making meals, but they also help you waste less food and know which items need to go on your grocery list.

According to Dawn, small fridge organization hacks can make a big impact. She suggests keeping all produce in the fridge so you know exactly what you have and where it is.

However, keeping items like onions in the fridge can make a big mess, so the second of her fridge organization hacks includes using plastic bins to keep your produce drawers clean. That way, you don’t have to pull out the entire drawer every time you clean.

Clean and organized fridge

The third of Dawn’s cleaning fridge hacks is to use a clear, plastic pull-out bin for any produce that goes bad quickly or meat to safely contain these items and keep spills at bay. Doing so also helps you see how much of something you have left.

The fourth of Dawn’s fridge hacks is to save one spot in the fridge for all of your leftovers to go. This makes them easier to find and reminds you which foods need to be eaten up quickly.

Fridge hacks

Dawn’s last fridge hack is to keep less inventory of food on hand at all times. Having fewer items to manage naturally makes your fridge more organized, helps you stay on top of cleaning it out, eliminates a lot of food waste, and saves you time when making your grocery list.

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