10 Must-Buy Items at Dollar Tree This September

by Simplify

Ready to snag some delightful deals but not sure where to start? Christine from Frugal Fit Mom has got you covered with her top picks for Dollar Tree this month. Here are some highlights from her amazing roundup!

1. Fall Decor

It's Halloween decoration time! From wall decals to crafts, the store is overflowing with spooky goodness. And those fabric pumpkins? They're perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Dollar Tree fall decor

Image Credit: createmakedecorate.com

2. Baking Supplies

Found in the party aisle, the cupcake liners wrapped in silver and cake decorating items, like piping bags and tips, are unbeatable at their price point. And yes, they work as well as the pricier alternatives!

3. Brushes on a Budget

Instead of the craft section, head over to the hardware aisle for a better deal on brushes, perfect for staining or applying polyurethane.

4. Back to School

Those whiteboards you saw at Walmart for almost six dollars? Get the same one at Dollar Tree for just a dollar twenty-five.

5. Hydration Station

The Plus section has beautiful glass water bottles for five dollars, with a bamboo lid and various colors. A classy touch to your daily hydration routine!

6. Hiking Essentials

Prepping for a mountain hike? Don't forget to pack those ponchos, available for a mere dollar twenty-five. Also, keep an eye out for the Fire Starter Kit, perfect for unexpected wet conditions.

7. Hygiene

Need hair brushes? Dollar Tree has quality ones for just a dollar twenty-five, making them perfect for donations or personal use.

8. Organizing on a Dime

From acrylic desk organizers to innovative egg organizers for your fridge, keep everything in its place without breaking the bank.

Dollar Tree organizers

Image Credit: littlehouseoffour.com

9. Cleaning Supplies

With flu season approaching, Christine recommends the Boulder clean sanitizing spray, a steal at its price. Plus, get a head start on 2024 with budget-friendly planners.

10. Food Finds

Check out the crunchy rice rolls, reminiscent of those from Costco, or the Texas-style cornbread mix for a quick, tasty snack.

Dollar Tree storefront

Image Credit: lambertslately.com

Thanks to Christine, now you know where to head this month for the best deals. Happy shopping!

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To see more videos, check out the  Frugal Fit Mom YouTube channel.

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  • Velia Velia on Sep 20, 2023

    I agree with the comments about the food products. I do buy some like the corn bread mix, I give it a “10”.

    The information was good but the BEST part, or should I say the “STARS” of your video are your boys. I watched it so many times I lost count !!

  • Maria Maria on Sep 20, 2023

    I just purchased at $Tree 2 table runners for Halloween (black spider web design). About two years ago i bought a scarf for the fireplace on Amazon $10.00. These table runners match the fire place scarf