17 Do-Not-Miss Items to Buy at Dollar Tree This Fall

Grab your cup of coffee, sit back, relax, because I am about to show you 17 do-not-miss items from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has really stepped up its game lately, and the amount of money you can save if you know what to buy at Dollar Tree is really impressive.

Here is a list of Dollar Tree fall 2022 products, including fall- and Halloween-themed decor and so much more.

Dollar Tree greeting cards

1. Greeting cards

Let’s start with the Dollar Tree greeting cards. You can get two greeting cards for a dollar. The amount of Halloween greeting cards is astounding, so you are guaranteed to find the right card for the right person at the right price at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree tablescape decor for fall

2. Tablescape items

This holiday season you can tell that Dollar Tree is really trying to compete with Target, with the quality and type of fall decor items that they have. Check out these tablescape items. They are so adorable, and there are so many different choices! 

Dollar Tree Halloween doormat

3. Doormats

Also do not miss the fall-themed doormats - could not get enough of those! 

Dollar Tree pumpkin carver

4. Pumpkin carvers

I host a pumpkin carving party and I can never get enough pumpkin carvers, but wherever I go, they are always about $5. This is why I was so impressed to see them at Dollar Tree for only $1.25. You bet that I picked up a handful of them. 

Dollar Tree plates, cups, and napkins

5 & 6. Plates & Cups

This plate, cup, and napkin set is a must-buy at Dollar Tree if you love the farmhouse look. I do not know any other place where you could find real quality plates for only $1.25 each. 

Dollar Tree gnome items

7. Gnome stuff

Everywhere I look right now, I see gnomes, gnomes, gnomes. Dollar Tree is hopping on that trend. They have themselves a whole gnome collection, including these adorable gnome oven mitts. 

Dollar Tree LED lights for Halloween

8. LED lights

Next on my list are these LED lights. I see these at almost all the major box stores, but they are always way more expensive than $1.25. So if you are looking for holiday Halloween-themed LEDs, you must stop at the Dollar Tree and grab these. 

Dollar Tree pumpkin tin

9. Pumpkin tin

If you are baking anything this fall, do not miss this pumpkin tin. You can also get the little toothpicks that go right on top of your muffins or cupcakes. I cannot believe that this is $1.25. 

Dollar Tree Christmas items

10. Christmas items

I know that this is not fall-themed or Halloween-themed, but I just could not help but mention the Christmas items that were already out.

As most of you know, a lot of the big stock stores are putting out Christmas stuff already. That means that by the time Christmas really comes around, the best stuff is going to be sold out.

These two items I have seen at Target during Christmas time for three to four times the amount, so this is an amazing deal. The first one is these brush-style Christmas trees. I have never seen them anywhere for $1.25. 

Dollar Tree Christmas candles

11. Christmas candles

The next one is these adorable Christmas candles. I definitely put one of these in my basket. 

Dollar Tree metal straws

12. Metal straws

And again, this is not exactly fall-themed, but it was an amazing deal. These metal straws sell on Amazon for up to five times the amount, so I was really surprised when I saw them for only $1.25 at Dollar Tree. This is a really great deal if you like using reusable straws. 

Dollar Tree pet leashes

13. Pet leashes

If you own a pet, one of the best deals you can find at Dollar Tree all year long are these leashes. Every time I go into Dollar Tree, I buy two or three of these. This is an amazing price, and they last forever. 

Dollar Tree monogrammed jars

14. Monogrammed items

Another thing that caught my eye is the adorable monogrammed items. I particularly loved these glass monogram jars. I could definitely see them in somebody's bathroom.

Dollar Tree monogrammed leaves

15. Monogrammed leaves

I also love these beaded monogrammed leaves - adorable in a tablescape, in somebody's kitchen, or even in a bathroom on a tray. 

Dollar Tree chalkboard signs

16. Chalkboard signs

I know many of our kiddos have already started the first day of school, but I grabbed one of these first day of school chalkboard signs for next year. I have never seen any of them this inexpensive. 

What to buy at Dollar Tree this fall

17. Fake flowers

Lastly, we cannot talk about holidays and Dollar Tree without talking about their amazing selection of fake flowers. Both the quality and the variety of these this year are really impressive. You can save a ton of money by buying your fake flowers at Dollar tree. 

What to buy at Dollar Tree this fall

I am Becky, your money-saving expert. Hope I inspired you to get up and go to the Dollar Tree today! Which items caught your eye? Perhaps there is something I missed - what are the best things to buy at Dollar Tree in your opinion? Let me know!

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  • Michelle Boydston Michelle Boydston on Oct 04, 2023

    Definitely the gnome potholders!! I love all things gnomes except I’m not partial to the female gnome they came out with because for some reason I just don’t like them. The male gnomes with their adorable beards just makes sense for them to be male to me lol. Hopefully my Dollar and a Quarter Tree will have these in stock soon!!