20+ Dollar Tree Items to Buy That Are Still Worth It at $1.25

As you know, Dollar Tree is no longer a Dollar Tree. It's a $1.25 Tree. So is shopping at Dollar Tree worth it still? Yes. After a lot of temper tantrums on my side, I have decided that there are still some good buys at the Dollar Tree. Here are a few Dollar Tree items to buy even for the higher price of $1.25.

Greeting cards

Greeting cards

First off, greeting cards - heck yes! These still go two for a dollar. I know Walmart still has a $0.47 section, but the variety is not great. The greeting card section at Dollar Tree is huge, so much to choose from. Definitely get your birthday cards, will cards, and any other kind of greeting card at Dollar Tree. You can even get Valentine's cards for two for a dollar. 

Kids' arts & crafts

Coloring books are definitely among the best items at Dollar Tree. They have a lot to choose from, and they are only $1.25. Sudoku and the crossword puzzles are definitely worth it, too. I still think those are a great deal at Dollar Tree. 

The little arts and crafts sections for little kids are fantastic to shop for craft day - way less expensive than most stores.

Kids travel toys and building blocks

Little games like Battleship, Monopoly, Sorry, and Trouble, as well as little coloring packets, are absolute lifesavers for road trips. We got these for the boys when we went out west last year. I loved it, and they were only $1.25, so if you lost pieces, it was okay. 

Moreover, Lego boxes where you can put the legos on the inside, and the kids can build on top, are truly priceless. And the base plates for lego blocks cost around $10 if you buy the actual Lego brand. 

Organization baskets and containers

Organization and calendars

When they are fully stocked, Dollar Tree has so many organization baskets and containers, which are super inexpensive compared to other stores. Definitely go to Dollar Tree for your organizational needs.

Another thing that is extra cheap at Dollar Tree is calendars. If you like to get a calendar each year, go to Dollar Tree, they cost $10-15 everywhere else. Monthly planners are also great Dollar Tree items - you can get one a lot cheaper than in most other stores.

Tape and hair accessories

Packaging tape and double-sided scotch tape are so expensive everywhere else. You can get the exact same amount of packaging tape as you would at Walmart for a much lower price. 

I will say it 1000 times. Get your hair ties, your bobby pins, and hairbrushes at Dollar Tree. I don't know about you, but I lose my hair ties and bobby pins all the time. So I always get mine here because it does not hurt my wallet as much when I lose them.

Also, I like to get my brushes at Dollar Tree - they are very good quality and go for just $1.25 compared to around $5 at Walmart. 

Cleaning products

The regular-size toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant wipes, and bleach (which are normally super expensive!). All these are definitely cheaper at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Dollar Tree items to buy


Tortillas are for sure worth it at the Dollar Tree. Flour tortillas are normally $1 at the very least everywhere else, and for corn tortillas, the cheapest deal I found outside of Dollar Tree is $1.50. Potato gnocchi is also $2 everywhere else. 

I have said it a thousand times. Black pepper and seasoning salt are both great buys at Dollar Tree. Plus their other seasonings are just as good. 

This was not on my list, but Kylen said “Mommy, you have to show them the Junior dippers, I love them”. These are his favorites and he thinks it's a great deal. 


Aluminum roasting pens are a great catch. You usually get two in a pack, except for the giant ones, so it is a pretty good deal. The Air Wick scented warmer refills are definitely worth it for $1.25. Walmart only sells gigantic packs and you have to spend $10 almost.

Parchment paper, wax paper -I will always buy mine at Dollar Tree. It is good quality, works perfectly and it is cheap. Finally, the 2.5-gallon Ziploc storage bags I use for emergency meal kits. You can hardly find them anywhere else. 

Those are a few of the items that I think are still a good buy at Dollar Tree. There are a few more things that I think are great buys, but they just did not have them in stock at my Dollar Tree. So is shopping at Dollar Tree worth it despite the price increase? I say yes, definitely. 

Dollar Tree items to buy

What are some things that you think are still a great deal at Dollar Tree? Leave them in the comments down below.  

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  • Sue Roosma Sue Roosma on Sep 20, 2023

    Shelf stable milk

  • Maria Maria on Sep 20, 2023

    I make two wreaths for each holidays from items I purchase from the $Tree for the double doors on my new shed, they look great.

    The new mop , the stick and white mop pads sold at the $Tree are great, very thick, fluffy and wash well in the washer machine. I purchased wash 10 white mop pads so i can wash all of them with my cleaning rags.

    and of course, The GREAT 2 for $1.00 cards