DIY Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Using Items From the Dollar Tree

by Simplify

Kathryn is an expert in all things frugal living. And while she loves to spill the tea on saving money by making smart purchases, she also knows a thing or two about making over your home and focusing on the value it returns.

On her Youtube channel, Do It On A Dime, she divulges her best advice for a DIY kitchen cabinets makeover with low-cost products from Dollar Tree.

To begin a kitchen cabinet makeover of your own, Kathryn suggests removing everything from your cabinets first and assessing what you have. That way, you know exactly what will need to be returned in a more organized way.

For an easy kitchen cabinet makeover, Kathryn says it’s best to go with minimal labeling so that your family can keep up with it.

And containers with snapping lids fit snacks well and are clear so you can see exactly what’s in them. These types of containers also work well because they fit nicely in cabinets, are easy to grab, and they make the space look less cluttered.

DIY kitchen cabinets makeover

Other kitchen cabinet makeover ideas she swears by include moving unopened products to the top shelf, using plastic can storage containers to organize bagged items, and storing loose items in bins and baskets.

Of course, no DIY kitchen cabinets project would be complete without putting locker-style bins in with sticky tack on the bottom to make a snack drawer that’s easy to access for kids.

Lastly, remember to keep like items near like items during your DIY kitchen cabinets makeover. For example, all drinks in the home should be kept in one cabinet—not scattered throughout.

DIY kitchen cabinets makeover

With Kathryn’s advice, your kitchen will be better organized and more accessible than ever before. And you can do all of this on a Dollar Tree budget.

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To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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  • Ann Ann on Dec 20, 2022

    I live in the D.C. area and there are many Dollar Trees and I have never seen these containers. There are aisles of snacks and drinks but few useful container storage items.

    • Traci Traci on Mar 21, 2023

      Try the Dollar Tree website to see if you can order them.