30 Super-Cheap Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

by Simplify

Are you looking for some Dollar Tree organization hacks? Organizing can get super pricey but it doesn’t have to be. Besides already having a large variety of organizing solutions, you can use these great hacks to get even more organizing uses from Dollar Tree items.

Dollar Tree has some great suction cup hanging options. The shower caddy has 4 suction cups, so it can hold a lot of weight. For your kitchen, they have convenient suction cup sponge holders. Their heavy-duty suction cup hooks can be used to hang wire baskets on the wall for vertical storage.

The Dollar Tree sticker section has great labeling options. They have letter stickers and pre-labeled stickers. If you want to make your own labels, they also sell chalkboard tags. You can use Dollar Tree chalk writers to label your chalkboard tags.

If you’re looking for some alternative ways to use Dollar Tree items, use the expandable phone grip for hanging storage. Just stick it to the wall and use it to hang key rings or necklaces.

Dish racks can be surprisingly versatile. There are so many ways you can use them. Save space using them to store flip-flops and sandals sideways. Or try hanging them upside down above a door on some command hooks. This is a great hack for storing things like wrapping paper.

Using dish racks to organize

Dollar Tree organization hacks

Whether you want to use the ice buckets for pantry storage or dip trays for drawer organizers, you can always find a wide array of uses for Dollar Tree products. They carry so many convenient items at such great prices, it’s worthwhile to get creative about different ways to use things.

Organization is essential for maintaining order in our homes, but don’t overspend. Just use some hacks to get more out of every purchase.

For more Dollar Tree shopping tips, discover these DIY Dollar Tree hacks for your home or these 30 Dollar Tree insider secrets that can save you money.

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  • Sally Sally on Jan 12, 2023

    I fell in love with their men's socks. My husband loves his, and everyone in the family got a pair for Christmas! Also gave everyone the plug-in night light. They act like a little spotlight - provide just enough light in the bedroom for older folks to be able to see for middle of the night bathroom trips. Finding more and more things of relatively decent quality. Spend at least $15 each visit, though often more.

  • Crazyliblady Crazyliblady on Jan 12, 2023

    The storage containers for flour, sugar, etc. seem like a waste if you have large, plastic coffee containers. You can even print labels to put on coffee cans from pinterest.