How to Stop Wasting Money, Overspending & Impulse Buying For Good

by Simplify

Wondering how to stop wasting money once and for all? Kallie, from But First, Coffee, is ready to show you how to stop overspending today so that you can be more intentional with your hard-earned cash and finally get ahead tomorrow.

Kallie is one of those super-smart people when it comes to simple living and staying on a budget, and she says that most people have gotten really good at justifying all of their bad spending habits over time.

So, the key to stop wasting money is to recognize that many of the things you think you need are really just wants. Once you face this truth, Kallie says you will finally stop overspending for good.

Driven by a desire to live debt-free, Kallie and her husband buckled down and paid off over $70k, now enjoying financial freedom thanks in large part to learning how to stop wasting money on wants vs. needs.

How to stop impulse buying

Some of the things Kallie says are a waste of money include throw rugs, having too many pairs of shoes, and buying Pinterest-worthy table settings just to impress your guests.

And to avoid splurging on these types of things and more, she recommends performing constant financial check-ins, not buying products based on your expectations of them alone but on how they will actually function in your life, curbing impulse buying, asking yourself why you are buying something, refraining from retail therapy, and shifting your mindset from guilt to gratitude.

How to stop wasting money

How to stop wasting money may not be a topic that’s always at the forefront of your mind. But the little purchases you make every week add up to big bucks by the end of the month.

And Kallie’s six tips will help you stop overspending on unnecessary things now so you can reach financial freedom sooner than you think.

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