24 Extreme Frugal Living Tips That Really Make a Difference

by Simplify

Looking for life hacks to save money? Frugal Fit Mom has made a list of 24 extreme frugal living tips, and we are sharing that with you now.

1. Don’t get manicures on a regular basis.

2. Stick to a set of makeup that works for you, do not go overboard with all the new palettes.

3. Rotate your streaming subscriptions.

4. Run all of your errands in one day to save time and gas money.

5. If you want to get a pet, adopt instead of buying one. Also, make sure you have the means to buy everything your pet will need.

6. Curb shop on trash days.

7. Grow gardens, not lawns.

8. Turn down your water heater: you only need it at 120 degrees.

9. Line dry clothes when you can.

10. Fill up your washing machine while doing laundry, and wash on cold.

11. Fill up your dishwasher before you hit “start”, too.

12. Eat leftovers before you get takeout.

13. Switch the paper towels for washable rags.

14. Take care of what you have: try to repair things before getting new ones.

15. Buy in bulk when it’s cheap.

16. Learn to make your favorite takeout at home.

Drinking water instead of soft drinks

17. Drink water instead of soft drinks.

18. Invest in high-quality items, which will last longer.

19. Use your library.

20. Get board games for your kids. A regular deck of cards can keep your kids entertained for hours.

21. Get oats on your meal plan (and get them in bulk!).

22. Use up the foods you have accumulated at home.

23. Shop around and check ads. Clearance items are amazingly cheap.

24. Take care of your car. Invest in maintaining it before you have to repair it.

Extreme frugal living tips

By following these 24 tips, you can save a whole lot of money without decreasing your quality of life. What are some of your other frugal living tips and ideas? Leave a comment!

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  • BonDiva BonDiva on Jul 26, 2023

    Pretty much I do all of these things and more. I have done so for most of my 67 years of life. I could give YOU tips lol