The Frugal Fit Mom Shares Her "Things I Don't Buy" List

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It may come as no surprise to many, but frugal people tend to not waste money on things that really don’t matter in their lives. And Christine, the vlogger behind Frugal Fit Mom, has plenty to say about the things frugal people don’t buy but others typically do.

She’s even created her own “things I don’t buy” list and she’s happy to talk about it with anyone ready to listen.

To start off her more than “50 things I don’t buy anymore” discussion, Christine shares items like home decor pieces, tchotchkes, magazines, lamps, and plants as a great way to save money by not purchasing them.

She says that all of these items are truly unnecessary, they take time and energy to buy and maintain, and they cost money that could be spent better elsewhere.

Christine goes on to share throw pillows, themed sheets, extra sheets, and extra towels from her ever-growing “things I don’t buy as a minimalist” list simply because you don’t actually need any of them.

She also avoids buying dryer sheets, dryer balls, one-purpose kitchen tools, or rice cookers because they don’t serve a major purpose in her life and they just take up too much space.

Takeout food and drink

Continuing on, Christine says that other things minimalists like her don’t spend money on are delivery food, takeout drinks, fast food, going out to eat, drinks at restaurants, bottled water, juices, alcohol, or pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.

All of these convenience items add up to a huge cost over time and Christine simply isn’t having it.

While it just keeps on going, other items Christine mentions on her list of “things I don’t buy” include anything full price, things she won’t actually use, cable tv, unused subscriptions, cheap bikes, toys, stuffed animals, and Halloween costumes. Again, you don’t need any of them.

"Things I don't buy" list

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