Aldi Shopping Tips: How to Save Up to 50% on Your Groceries

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Aldi is one of those rare grocery stores that have a cult-like following and for good reason. Consumers on a mission can easily save up to 50% on their groceries by shopping at Aldi regularly. And Jennifer Cook can show you exactly how to do this with the Aldi shopping tips she’s sharing with us today.

In fact, while her own Aldi shopping experience started only 4 years ago, Jennifer discovered these Aldi secrets in the first month and has been saving a ton of money on her groceries ever since. With her personal Aldi tips and tricks, anyone can save more cash and still feed their family wholesome meals each day.

According to Jennifer, the best shopping at Aldi tips start with understanding the business principles they operate on: high-quality food, low prices, smaller store layouts, and everyday items that are displayed in their original shipping boxes. Once you are familiar with them, it’s easy to recognize how to stretch your dollar further by shopping in their stores.

The first of Jennifer’s Aldi shopping tips include bringing a quarter with you to unlock your cart. Aldi requires this because it eliminates the need to have a dedicated employee specifically assigned to return all the carts. Instead, customers return their own carts and get their quarter back in the process.

Next, she recommends bringing your own bags or purchasing new reusable ones there, buying store-bought brands, using apps for grocery rewards, and always checking the weekly circular for sale items.

Grocery shopping

Aldi shopping tips

Other Aldi shopping tips she shares include stocking up on inexpensive items they stock like spices, pasta, sauces, beans, European chocolate, dairy, and snack foods.

Lastly, Jennifer says that Aldi carries lots of specialty, non-food items, and searching in those aisles is one of her favorite Aldi shopping tips.

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