10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

by Simplify

Tired of having the same old boring look at home but don’t have the extra money for a big home makeover? No problem! Julie Khuu will show you 10 ways to make your home look more expensive without having a hefty budget.

In fact, she says that discovering how to make your home look expensive is a lot easier than you would imagine. And the simple home hacks she has in store for you today will blow your mind—and transform your space.

The first tip she recommends is to consider all the surfaces in your home including the walls, floors, and ceilings. Doing so will give you plenty of areas to work with above eye level, at eye level, and below eye level.

Other life hacks for your home include adding wallpaper and layering lighting. Both of these techniques make your home look expensive and professionally designed without the invoice. The visual impact of wallpaper and lighting fixtures draws your attention to certain areas of your home, and these items can look high-end without the high sticker price.

Cozy nook with seating

Julie also recommends creating multiple seating groups to make your home feel cozy and look classy. Just think about what an impact this makes when you stay in a fancy hotel or visit a chic day spa.

Next, adding some architectural design features like molding or other trim work gives your home a custom look—instead of settling for builder grade.

You should also consider purchasing at least one statement art piece, crisp, clean, light, and bright white sheets for your bedroom, and modern hardware to give an upgraded look to all of your cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms.

To round out her list of 10 ways to make your home look more expensive, Julie recommends creating symmetry with furniture and installing nice window treatments.

10 Ways to make your home look more expensive

For more budget home ideas, discover more tips for making your home look expensive or these home hacks that will save you both time and money.

To see more videos, check out the Julie Khuu YouTube channel.

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