How to Make Your Home Look Expensive: 17 Ways to Elevate Your Style

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by Posh Pennies

We're looking at 17 ways to make your home look expensive, no matter your design style. The great thing about today's tips is that they're mostly universal. No matter what your design style may or may not be, they will increase the overall quality and feel of your home.

Let's jump right with the tips.

DIY ideas to make your home look expensive

1. Use neutral furniture 

High-end spaces will use neutral furniture as their base pieces, and then they'll incorporate pattern and color, and texture via the accessories.

It will also save you money in the long run because if you buy a trendy bright-colored couch that you love now, you might not love that two years later. 

2. Window treatments 

Perfecting your window treatments is a very important part of having a high-end, luxurious feeling space. If you have curtains, go full length with them. Make sure you hang the rod high and wide.

3. Add moldings and trim

Adding moldings and trim to your space will instantly make it feel more custom and luxurious. If you have a very traditional or older home, you don't want to be putting in modern molding. The opposite is true as well. 

Wall treatments and mirrors

4. Wall treatments

Similar to adding molding, adding wall treatments can be a way to make your space feel more expensive and luxurious. Not only with wallpaper but also with things like shiplap wood, slat walls, or beadboard. 

5. Mirrors

Using mirrors is a fantastic way to increase the illusion of space in your home and also increase the brightness and the light in your home.

As a tip, I recommend going as large as you can with mirrors. Ideally, you'd be hanging your mirror across from a window or near a window so that it's reflecting and bouncing back as much light as possible.

How to make homes look more expensive

6. Large art pieces

Always opt for big pieces rather than small ones. Large art pieces command attention and look more like what would be hanging in an actual gallery. If your home has that gallery vibe to it, it automatically makes it look and feel more expensive. 

7. Vintage rugs

The addition of a vintage rug will upgrade your space wherever you put it. Vintage rugs will elevate your space in a way that not a lot of other items can. Just like with artwork and mirrors, scale is important. Rugs generally want to go bigger, don't go small. 

Expensive-looking home decor

8. Update hardware

Update your hardware in the rooms that will benefit the most from this update, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Swapping out your cabinet handles, pulls, and faucets are going to make a big difference.  

9. Add plants

Plants are on every list, no matter what kind of home decor you're looking at. Again, make sure that you're getting the scale right. If the plant and the pot are not scaled proportionally, it's not going to have the effect that you want in your room.

10. Keep the space clean

To have a high-end luxury feeling space, you have to keep things clean. There's no point in spending thousands of dollars on expensive furniture and home renovations if your house is dirty.

You can find ways to make it a bit easier on yourself if you split them out with your family members. Make a schedule.

Make your home look expensive

11. Declutter

Another way to ensure that your space feels high-end is to declutter. It's going to be a lot easier to keep things clean if you have fewer things. 

12. Maintain what you have

Generally, anything that's well-maintained will automatically feel more premium, which is why new stuff always feels so lovely. If something needs care and gets it, it makes everyone feel better.

You want to make sure that you're keeping your rugs and your carpets clean. If you can replace cracked tiles, clean your grout, patch holes in the walls, and repaint if necessary - you get the idea. Maintain what you have. 

13. Lighting

If there's one thing you must look at with a critical eye when trying to make your space look more high-end and expensive, it's your lighting situation. The goal of lighting in your home is to create focal points, pools of light, and areas of interest. 

Another tip when lighting luxury spaces is to layer your lighting, so there's not just one overhead light. Recessed pendant lighting, hidden strip lights, ambient lights, down lighting, up lighting, mix different types of lighting in your room. 

Down-filled pillows

14. Down-filled pillows

Flat, shapeless pillows are not luxurious. You can make a relatively inexpensive upgrade to your room by switching out any flattened old poly-filled pillows with down-filled pillows.

15. Replace linens

Keep your linen looking fresh. If you have ratty towels or stained or torn sheets, do yourself a favor, get rid of them and buy yourself some new linens. When choosing linens, opt for white linens.

First of all, it's easier to keep them clean and looking fresh and crisp because you can bleach them. In general, white linen tends to look more high-end. It's what most luxury hotels use. 

16. Use two duvets

If you want your bed to look extra luxurious, I recommend using two duvets. You can either stuff two duvets inside one duvet cover or have one duvet on top of the other in two separate covers. This will make your bed look much more inviting and beautiful. 

How to make your home look expensive

17. Make your home smell good

The one extra way that elevates your home, which goes beyond the look and feel of it, is by making it smell good. I firmly believe that appealing to all the senses will help create a more luxurious, integral, and memorable experience in your home. 

How to make your home look expensive

I hope you found some of these tips for how to make your home look expensive, valuable. You can live luxuriously by making a few simple changes. What evokes luxury in home decor to you? Share in the comments below.

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