10 Interior Design Hacks to Make Your Home Look Expensive

by Simplify

You can make your home look and feel more expensive by using some interior design hacks. Creating beautiful spaces on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. There are simple tricks you can utilize to make your home look more elegant.

Paint colors greatly impact the way a space feels. If you stick with a neutral color palette you will end up with a more luxurious-looking space. White walls give you the flexibility to add different colors and textures with rugs, furniture, and décor.

When it comes to furniture, follow the rule of threes. Take items of different size, color, shape, and texture and put them together in groups of three. Dynamic angles and layers create an easy-styled space. When styling your home, it’s less about what you’re using and more about how you place it.

Get rid of mismatched dishes and glassware. Opening your cabinets and seeing a variety of colors and shapes, looks messy and does not feel high-end. If you want your home to look elegant, make sure you have matching dishes. They don’t have to be expensive; they just need to match.

Towels rolled up in the bathroom

Scent is another element you can use to elevate the experience of your space. This hack is used in fancy stores and hotels. Crisp white matching towels are another great way to make your home feel like an expensive hotel.

Scaling your furniture to the size of your home will elevate your space. If you have limited space, decorate with lightweight, smaller furniture. Heavy furniture and statement pieces work well in larger spaces.

Interior design hacks

There are so many ways to elevate the feel of your space without spending money. Simply decluttering your space will make your home look more expensive. Using these hacks will make your home feel luxurious.

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  • Pat Pat on Jan 23, 2023

    I just wanted to point out that certain candles, etc, are not healthy.

    Also, I tried the dry shampoo idea for footware smell, then found out that dry shampoo has really bad ingredients!!

    Your design ideas are very nice, I don't think I've got an eye for placing pieces on side tables, et al... But I enjoy your videos.