10 Budget Bedroom Hacks to Make Your Space Look Expensive

by Simplify

If you are wondering how to make your bedroom look expensive on a budget, stay tuned for Kristen McGowan’s ten great bedroom design hacks.

1. Elevate your bedding

Use quality material bedding without bright patterns. Kristen recommends using silk pillowcases.

2. Stay away from matching bedroom sets

If you want an expensive-looking bedroom, pick unique pieces for your bed, nightstand, and dresser. Mismatched elements make for a more high-end, designer look.

3. Go with an unusual nightstand

Instead of a regular nightstand, opt for a side table, a console table, or any other alternative piece.

4. Disassemble your dresser

If you already have a dresser that matches other furniture, try taking the mirror off and getting creative with the space above it: get a more interesting-looking mirror, and put up a gallery wall or a shelf.

5. Use mood lighting and layered lighting

Get statement table lamps for either side of your bed, or alternatively put up wall sconces. Kristen recommends going for lighting with high contrast, beautiful lines, cool lampshades, and detailing.

How to make your bedroom look expensive

6. Add a rug

According to Kristen, a rug makes your furniture look anchored and put together, so it is a key step in how to make your bedroom look expensive.

7. Use multiple window treatments

Put up at least two different window treatments: sheers and blackout curtains or blinds and blackout curtains. They should be both functional and decorative.

8. Implement a seating area

A simple bench, two chairs, or a loveseat will give your room a hotel luxurious look and make it more functional.

9. Layer your bed

Use blankets, quilts, and throw pillows to create layers on your bed. Kristen also suggests going down a size in your pillow covers to make your pillows look fuller and stand up tall.

10. Symmetry

Matching nightstands, lighting, and decor features: all these can help you create a balanced high-end look for your bedroom.

Now you know how to make a bedroom look expensive: it is all about the design, not the actual cost.

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