How to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive: 13 Designer Tips & Tricks

Posh Pennies
by Posh Pennies

I'm going to share some of my secrets with you on how to make your bedroom look expensive. My tips will have your bedroom feeling like a hotel with its comfort and luxury. Let’s get into the tips and make this happen.

Minimalist bedroom decor

1. Minimal personal belongings

If you look at a luxury hotel or you look at high-end interior design photos, or you look at high-end retailers catalogs, there are no personal belongings in sight. 

If there are, they're carefully staged in place. 

I'm not saying your bedroom has to be devoid of personality in order to look luxurious and expensive, but when you have too many personal belongings out, your room looks busy and cramped, and it just doesn't look as lux. 

Negative surface space

2. Negative surface space

This brings me to my next tip which is to have negative surface space. Make sure you leave some empty space on surfaces like your dresser and nightstands. 

This will help make your bedroom look and feel more spacious, clean, intentional, and expensive. 

Spacious bedroom layout

3. Spacious layout 

Next, you want to make sure you create a spacious layout in your bedroom that flows well. This means removing any unnecessary furniture from the room if you can. I also recommend removing any bulky furniture. 

Make sure you have enough breathing room between your pieces of furniture and that there's a clear, unobstructed path to the door. 

Keep at least 2 feet worth of clearance in front of dressers and around the bed. 

Seating area in the bedroom

4. Add a seating area 

Now that you've made sure that you have enough space between the various elements in your bedroom, take another look at your layout and see if you have enough room to carve out a seating area. 

If all you can fit is an accent chair in the corner, that works fine. 

How to make your bedroom feel like a hotel

5. DIY turndown service

If you want to feel like you're living in luxury, then give yourself and your bedroom a turndown service before bed. This is something that higher-end accommodations do for their guests and a simple way to make yourself feel pampered. 

You may think you don't have time for that, but it's way quicker than you think. An hour or so before bed take five minutes and do these six things:

  • Do a quick sweep and make sure that things are tidy. 
  • Close the curtains.
  • Turn down your covers and plump your pillows. 
  • Put on some calming music. 
  • Diffuse some essential oils or light your favorite scented candle.
  • Dim the lights. 

I guarantee it'll make you feel like you're walking into a five-star hotel bedroom. 

Perfect curtains for a high-end bedroom

6. Impeccable curtains 

Your window coverings are really going to help set the tone for your bedroom, but they have to be done right to make it look and feel more expensive. Luxury hotel bedrooms use thick, heavy blackout drapes to give the room a really luxe feel. 

They usually layer in the second set of sheer white curtains that are used during the day. 

No matter what you do, you have to get the length of the curtains perfect. It's going to give your room that tailored, put-together look that just takes things to the next level.

Hotel-like bedroom ideas

7. Mini coffee station

Now, I know what you're thinking. A coffee bar in the bedroom? However, if you have a larger home, especially if it's split out onto multiple floors, then carving out a little coffee station or a tea station in your bedroom can be really nice. 

It might just be the thing that takes your bedroom from good to amazing. 

Soft rugs underfoot

8. Softness underfoot 

I'm a firm believer that you must have softness under your feet when you're getting in and out of bed. 

Whether it's a wall-to-wall carpet or a large rug, you want to make sure that when your feet touch down first thing in the morning, they land on something soft and luxurious and not the cold, hard floor. 

Bedroom design tips and tricks

9. Bed frame

If you are sleeping on a mattress on the floor and you're wondering how to make your room look nicer, then I am telling you this is the answer. 

You need a bed frame. If you already have a bed frame and you're in the process right now of shopping for a new one, I would recommend that you stick to something timeless and neutral. It will serve you well for many years and you can change up your decor in the future if you want to without needing to touch your bed frame. 

Quality sheets make a bedroom feel expensive

10. Quality sheets

Having an amazing feeling and looking bed really does make a difference. When we had just moved from Canada over to the UK and I bought the cheapest fitted sheet I could find on Amazon it was awful. Straight out of the packaging, it actually felt like sandpaper.

Not only that, but after just one wash it pilled up. A bed made with pilling sheets does not look expensive so invest in the best quality sheets you can afford. 

Overstuffing pillows

11. Overstuff your pillows

Another thing you should be doing to upgrade your bedding to make your bedroom look more expensive is overstuffing your pillows to make them look plush. 

Upsizing throw blankets and quilts

12. Upsizing some of your throw blankets, quilts, and duvets

So, for example, use a king-size throw blanket on a queen-size bed. This gives that luxurious overhang look that you always see in magazines. If you share a bed with someone, neither of you will ever risk not having enough blankets. 

How to make your bedroom look expensive

13. Use natural materials if you can

You're going to want to try and eliminate anything that isn't a natural material from your bedroom. 

You can do this over time, but I would recommend having this as a long-term goal, not only for your bedroom but for your entire home. Eliminate laminates, plastics, and faux finishes.

How to make your bedroom look expensive

I hope you enjoyed my bedroom design tips and tricks. You can have a hotel-like bedroom that looks and feels expensive without spending a lot of money.

What tip are you going to do first to start your luxury bedroom makeover? Leave a comment and let us know.

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    I have one of those new Led light bulbs you can program to your phone. They have various colors and you can brighten or dim before you enter your room. Very soothing.

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    One article on downsizing another a on spending for bedroom Also where do I put my personsl memorbilia ?Oh I guess don't keep any. The more sterile,the better and pleasee dont have kids Dreamy not practical