Easy Tips on Make Your Home Look Expensive

by Simplify

Think you need a luxe budget in order to have a luxe home? Think again!

Kallie Branciforte says that there are plenty of ways to make your home look expensive without it actually being expensive. And she has the secrets you need to start enjoying your space more and get your guests talking.

In fact, Kallie says by implementing her list of 10 ways to make your home look more expensive, people may have a hard time believing you—even if you tell them about it.

And that’s because it only takes a few little tweaks to add up to a lot of change, making any space look richer instantly!

Her faux expensive home hacks include removing branded packaging for any item you purchase, getting rid of extra clutter, and switching out the hardware on cabinets and furniture.

Each of these suggestions are a quick and easy way to upgrade your home with minimal effort and on a tiny budget.

Still wondering how to make your home look expensive? Look no further than using flowers and plants to spruce up any room.

Luxurious living space

You can also take a photo of your space to get a fresh look at it or ask friends or family members for their opinion on sprucing things up.

Both of these ideas are life hacks for your home that cost you absolutely nothing but make a big difference.

But, don’t stop there. Another way to make your home look expensive is to save up for larger purchases you really like or need instead of buying too many little purchases just because they’re on clearance.

These tiny purchases may not cost you much, but they end up being items you really don’t care about, and they clutter up your home.

And don’t forget to fold linens the way they do in high end hotels or spas!

Ways to make your home look expensive

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