14 Easy Ways to Feel Rich on a Tight Budget

by Simplify

Tired of feeling poor? Kallie Branciforte says that there are 14 ways to feel rich starting today—no matter what income bracket you fall under. And she’s here to show you how to feel rich and enjoy your life that much more.

How does it feel to be rich? Feeling rich is all about your mindset and deciding that what you have is more than enough. It’s not necessarily being rich on paper, because, let’s face it, you will always want more and more.

To feel rich, Kallie recommends starting out by living without debt. When you’re living with debt, you own all kinds of things that aren’t really yours. And that leaves you feeling poor most of the time.

After that, she says to keep your home clean and organized. Cluttered spaces stress you out, while tidy, open spaces make you feel like you have an overabundance.

While it may sound funny, Kallie says that the third way to feel rich is to buy nice toilet paper. It just feels better and that alone will make you feel like you’ve truly made it, according to her.

Elegant bathroom with fresh flowers

Next up is to have fresh flowers in your house. This makes your home feel more elegant and smell nice.

Then, store extra items in your home so you don’t run out of them. Having a stock of your favorite items helps you avoid the feeling of scarcity.

Setting the table for dinner is another tactic she uses to feel richer at home. Just like a fancy restaurant, a set table at home screams luxury.

And while it may seem counterintuitive, having a minimized closet can help you feel rich. That’s because having a closet with only the clothes you love to wear feels good.

Lastly, to feel rich, have fancy pajamas, save money, live below your means, shop local, and make drinks at home.

How to feel rich on a budget

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