Practical Budget Decor Ideas That Also Look High-End

by Simplify

Jenna Pierce shares her top practical decorating ideas. These ideas balance aesthetics and function. They make the space purposeful and practical, by taking items used every day and doubling their function, so they also work as decor.

A well-placed, attractive bookstand in the kitchen can hide mess and cords. It’s also a great place to leave a cookbook when preparing meals. When not in use, you can add a recipe book with a pretty cover to make your counters look more upscale. Another practical decorating idea is to use a classy desktop lamp to light up your kitchen space.

Wall pegs and hooks make for an attractive wall visual. Jenna sewed elastic bands onto her bath towels and hung them on the hooks. She also used hooks to add leather details to her workout room, as well as hanging space for exercise equipment.

Storing items in stone or wood canisters can give a bathroom or kitchen a spa-like appearance. Another upscale-looking storage idea is to use baskets. They hide clutter while adding texture.

Coaster sets

Coaster sets add a finishing accent to a coffee table. Stone and metal coasts look very high-end, especially when paired with a candle and a plant.

Stools and ottomans add function and dimension. They work well, not just in living rooms, but also in entranceways, where people stop, sit, and put on shoes, and at the ends of beds.\

Secret storage boxes hold odds and ends, even eliminating the need for junk drawers. Jenna created secret book storage by spray painting book-shaped boxes and painting the names of countries on them, for a high-end upgrade.

Another idea is to use ladders with a blanket resting on them to add visual interest and height to a space.

Budget decor ideas

There are many practical ways to decorate on a budget. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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To see more videos, check out the Jenna Pierce YouTube channel.

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