How to Find Designer Home Decor Dupes on a Budget

by Simplify

If you enjoy looking through home design magazines, but don’t know how to recreate these looks in your home, affordably, Jenna Pierce is here to help.

Jenna’s found classy home decor pieces, alongside home decor “dupes” — non-designer, affordable pieces, that look nearly the same but cost a fraction of the original’s price. Check out these designer home decor dupes to make your home look like a million bucks

Antiques are very much in style but don’t always fit the budget. The next best thing to a Saffron + Poe 100-year-old confit pot with a textured salt glaze ($395) is to buy a similar-looking confit pot for more than $300 less at Afloral for only $68.

A warm, cozy Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair costs nearly $1,000. A simple decor dupe is to pick out a similar-looking chair from Wayfair for a fraction of the price. The chair’s swivel makes it very functional as well in a social space, like a living room.

Amber Lewis is a top designer with some fantastic home decor pieces. But not everybody can shell out nearly $1,000 for a coffee table. Wayfair has a decor dupe, a table with a similar color and shape, that costs much less.

If you are looking to bring some height and green to a skinny corner in your home, a faux plant is a great addition. Instead of paying $199 for a faux olive tree at Pottery Barn, you can pick up what looks like the exact same tree on Amazon, for only $107.

This ribbed table lamp is a stunner. It has a great shape, but the $740 (!) price tag at McGee & Co. isn’t so great. Pick up a lamp with a similar shape at Marshalls and add a laid-back feel to your room for $50 less, with this home decor dupe.

Charger plates add warmth and color to a table. But, are you really willing to spend $295 per plate (!) at Nordstrom for the perfect warm brown color? That’s insane. Target has charger plates with nearly the same color, but a price tag of only $6.

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Nordstrom, known for being high-end, also has an olive oil holder for $125. Lots of designers use these bottles as stoneware kitchen accents. You can get a similar look for only $17.99 at Amazon. It’s practical also. Use it to store oil or dressings, or give it as a gift to friends and loved ones.

A tub tray elevates the bathroom and gives it a “spa appeal.” Some tub trays get pretty pricey. For example, they cost around $220 at stores like Rejuvenation and West Elm. Pick up your home decor dupe for a fraction of the cost at HomeGoods.

Wooden bowls contrast nicely with stone countertops. Pottery Barn offers an organic wood look with their teak wood bowl at a price point of $179. Compare that with the $59.99 price tag at Wayfair.

Looking for a side table with a casual, laid-back vibe? Grasscloth has a unique texture. You can spend up to $500 for this unique piece at Crate & Barrel. Or you can save with a home decor dupe from T.J. Maxx sold for $179 dollars.

Designer home decor dupes

Having a beautiful, classy home filled with interesting pieces doesn’t have to break the bank. What home decor dupes have you found? Let us know in the comments.

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To see more videos, check out the Jenna Pierce YouTube channel.

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