3 Designer Home Decor Dupes You Can Make From Thrifted Pieces

by Simplify

Lisa Burningham shares how she created high-end home decor dupes from tired, old thrifted pieces. She’ll discuss the unique techniques she used to achieve these DIY home decor projects.

She didn’t hesitate to pick up ugly items and then use inspiration pieces to transform them into beautiful objects. Here are her tips and techniques:

Hydro dipping to transform an old urn

She bought an old $6 urn and her inspiration piece was $200. She spray-painted the dingy urn white. Then she filled a huge bin with water, spray painted white, gold, and silver into the water, and dipped the urn into the water for a magnificent marbling effect.

Spray paint to transform an ugly mustard-yellow vase

She thrifted a $4 vase and her inspiration piece from Joss & Main was $288. She spray-painted it with a white gloss from Rust-Ooleum. Then she added to the vase’s surface raised dots made from hot glue that dried white. A final coat of white spray paint finished the project.

Painting DIY home decor

Transforming a plain glass jar into a candle

The thrifted jar cost $2 and the inspiration piece was from Horchow for $315. First, it received a coat of white gloss spray paint. A design can be added with Mod Podge onto the outside of the painted glass jar.

She then added melted, liquified wax into the jar to create the candle, but you can add a candle that already fits the jar. She added gold Rub ‘n Buff details to complete the dupe.

DIY home decor dupes

Lisa knows how to save money. She saved over $1,000 on three DIY home decorating projects duping ultra-expensive items. Let us know what you think in the comments–do you love the originals or dupes better?

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To see more videos, check out the Lisa Burningham YouTube channel.

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