7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks & High-End Cleaning Product Dupes

by Simplify

Your days of buying high-end cleaning products are over. Forget those $800 vacuums and $1000 upholstery steamers. Kathryn from Do It On a Dime has made it her mission to share the 7 best dupes out there. So prepare yourself for some cleaning hacks that will blow your mind but not your wallet.

The best vacuum cleaner, according to Kathryn, is not the most popular Dyson model listed at $399. To get the best bang for your buck, buy a Shark for $160 instead.

The Shark Navigator Anti-Allergen Plus has a lot of suction power, easily glides over all surfaces, and comes with convenient attachments that make cleaning your curtains even easier. Plus, the sticker price of this vacuum makes it one of Kathryn’s favorite home-cleaning hacks all on its own.

If you’re looking for a stick vacuum, in particular, Kathryn recommends the Shark Rocket Ultra Light. While all of her hacks for cleaning are affordable, this one comes in at less than $170. And it does an impressive job cleaning both carpets and hardwoods. Surprisingly, it even did better than a similar Dyson model when put to the test by Kathryn.

Cleaning hacks

If you’re willing to spend up to $250, Kathryn says the Tineco PWRHero is your best bet. At a slightly higher price point, this vacuum has some power behind it as well as soon great reviews.

But, what about the best carpet cleaner on the market? Kathryn simply loves the Bissell Steamshot. From bathroom floors to kitchen grout and trash cans, you can’t go wrong by spending just $30 for this amazing product.

And while you’re at it, Kathryn’s other cleaning hacks include purchasing the Bissell Power Steamer 3-in-1 Steam Mop or the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Both handle sticky messes well and are quite affordable.

Cleaning hacks

For more cleaning hacks, discover these lazy habits for a clean and tidy home or this 5-minute cleaning challenge.

To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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