5-Minute Cleaning Challenge: How Much Can You Get Done?

by Simplify

Five minutes sounds like a short time, but you would be surprised how much cleaning can be done in just five minutes when the whole family is involved. Dawn from The Minimal Mom has challenged her family to clean each area of the house for just five minutes and is sharing her insight and 5-minute cleaning tips.

Dawn has four children who actively participate in the cleaning process from a very young age. She is not afraid of imperfect results, and with time they learn to clean better.

She also says that fights and complaints are inevitable, and teaching the whole family to clean is a process that takes much longer than a couple of days, but it is worth it. Her kids learn a crucial life skill, and she does not have to clean the entire house alone: what is done by 5 people in 5 minutes would take 25 minutes when done by one person.

One of Dawn’s 5-minute cleaning hacks is to divide the tasks clearly. Each kid has their own assignment, and Dawn sees her own role as a manager: she keeps the kids on track and facilitates the cleaning.

Setting a timer for 5 minutes

Dawn says that the main reason cleaning is so easy at her house is that they have simplified it as much as possible, and reduced the inventory. Now every family member knows where everything goes.

5-minute cleaning

The main message Dawn wants to convey is that even if the mess seems overwhelming and you do not know where to start, you can make huge progress in just five minutes.

Not only can a 5-minute cleaning bring more significant results than we think, but once you get into it, it is also so much easier to keep cleaning after the 5 minutes have elapsed.

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  • Susan stone Susan stone on Jan 25, 2023

    I loved watching this video, it really is a happy, easy plan to follow. Absolutely! I think I’m gonna go do some five minute timer now.😊