8 Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips For Sprucing Up a Space

by Simplify

If you are on a budget when it comes to decorating your home, Kristen will give you eight useful decorating tips and ideas on how and where to cut costs. She uses these ideas all the time in her own home, whether she’s totally redoing a room or just sprucing up a space.

1. Redecorating walls: Part 1

Wall art is an easy place to start decorating on a budget. Thrift stores carry frames in all styles for pennies.. Or, find simple, modern budget frames with mats at Ikea, like the Ribba frame.

2. Redecorating walls: Part 2

Check out Etsy’s digital downloads for affordable art to print out at any size. It can be the difference of paying $5 for a download versus hundreds of dollars for a framed piece of art.

3. Finding discounted furniture

Head to Ikea’s As-Is section where you’ll find returned, damaged, or discontinued furniture and accessories. Check local mission stores or Habitat for Humanity for unique pieces.

4. Simple solution to look “minimal”

Update, style, and tidy up a room with this bookshelf trick. Turn your book covers inside out so they are completely white, then display them on bookshelves like that. It’s free!

5. Breathe new life into furniture

New slipcover styles are great and can give your room a high-end coastal look.

Changing pillow covers

6. Freshen up pillows

Switch up your pillow covers to refinish your room.

7. Rejuvenate with paint

Sometimes all you need is a $5 paint sample to paint an accent wall. Check the“oops” section of your home improvement or paint store for larger cans.

8. Update fixtures and hardware

New fixtures and hardware instantly update a home. The best place for affordable light fixtures, faucets, pulls, knobs, and doorknobs is Amazon for great prices.

Budget-friendly decorating tips

Budget decorating using these tips can reset and refresh your home in an instant. Let us know below which of these affordable home decor ideas you would use! And, let us know if you think thrifting is as fun as we think it is!

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