This Beautiful Hand-Built & Off-Grid Cabin is Inspired By Mushrooms

by Simplify

This off-grid cabin is a collaboration between artists that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Joel and Stephanie have been living off-grid for 14 years and decided to build an Airbnb cabin on their property in order to share that experience with others. It was important to Joel that the building be beautiful: He knew that he wanted a flat-glass roof, a boardwalk around the building, and a cedar shake look. They worked with three other artists to make the vision a reality.

The cabin's exterior is inspired by mushrooms

Despite being off-grid, the home is equipped with standard utilities There is a propane burner stovetop with four burners. There is a well on the property that goes into a water reservoir with enough supply for a weekend, and a water pump to get water from the reservoir into the sink. There is hot water three seasons a year; during winter, you can warm up water on the stove-top.

The electricity uses a 24-volt system, with 4 solar panels on 350 watts each. The panels are located on the studio roof because it has the best angle for the sun. In addition, the building has 200 amp hour lithium batteries. There is an incinerator toilet, which is very convenient; you shut the lid, press a button, and everything turns to ashes.

As well as being environmentally sustainable, this DIY off-grid cabin is also visually impressive. The green roof is inspired by mushroom shapes and has its own rooftop garden with spectacular views. The roof was built from rubber membranes, with soil and straw on top to act as a cushion. There is a boardwalk around the home and an outdoor shower, so you can enjoy the natural oasis of the surrounding property.

Inside, the home has unique touches, such as curved kitchen countertops with a funky tile pattern, a staircase from a walnut tree that was locally sourced and milled, a hammock loft floor that doubles as an additional bed, and lamps made out of driftwood by local artists.

Off-grid cabin

With an artistic design and a fully-equipped off-grid system, this small off-grid cabin is the perfect weekend getaway.

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