This Off-Grid Tiny House in Canada Makes Creative Use of Space

by Simplify

In big cities like Vancouver, the need for affordable housing is obvious. It's not always so evident in smaller rural communities. In Grand Forks, British Columbia, Peter is leading the off-grid tiny house movement and hopes to inspire others to join him.

Peter enjoyed building in small spaces and the creativity of trying to fit things into a smaller space. After volunteering at a cold-weather shelter in Grand Forks, he was asked if he would help design spaces for the homeless.

Peter was asked to design tiny homes

As he started thinking about that project and how to make very inexpensive but welcoming spaces for the homeless, he realized that it didn't seem right to design something that he hadn't experienced living in. Peter decided to build a tiny house and see what it was like to live in it, then figure out to make it work as a pod for a homeless person to transition through.

In this video, he gives a tour of his very tiny house (125 sqft inside). Peter has always enjoyed building in small spaces and the creativity of trying to fit things into a smaller space.

In trying to explain the tiny house movement, he doesn’t want people to see his tiny house as a tiny little sardine can. He created a small home with everything he needed: a kitchen, a bathroom with tub, a sleeping area, and a sitting area.

Peter especially loves the freedom of this tiny house. There is minimal maintenance and that means more free time. The cost of running the house is just about zero.

Off-grid tiny house in Canada

Peter is such an inspiring and interesting individual. He has spent his entire life developing a wide range of housing options, with the tiny house being the place where he has chosen to live himself. When it comes to Peter's off-grid tiny house story, the lesson to take away is that sometimes less really can be more.

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