Her Boho Tiny House Was Built Using Recycled Materials

by Simplify

Danielle knew that she wanted a place she could call her own, but with rocketing housing prices, she struggled to find an affordable housing solution. Thanks to space on her uncle’s 3-acre plot in Oregon, she was able to build a boho tiny house that combines the best elements of living alone while also staying close to family.

Danielle’s tiny house was built using reclaimed materials, such as old barn wood for the walls, an old stained glass window that acts as the center accent for the living room wall, and second-hang mounted cabinets in the kitchen.

In addition to being sustainable, the use of reclaimed materials made the construction of this tiny home extremely affordable, costing a total of $25,000.

Pennies collected for the DIY bathroom floor

Boho-style elements include a penny floor in the bathroom and a colorful curtain that acts as the bathroom door, as well as many plants throughout the home and a handmade suncatcher. 

Danielle’s bathroom has a compost toilet and a shower that uses the same propane that heats her stovetop.

She maximizes her storage space by hanging kitchen items from the walls and ceiling. For example, her hanging draining board above the sink means that she doesn’t waste limited counter space. 

This DIY tiny house was the product of love, sweat, and tears, since it was Danielle’s first building project, as well as the first living space that is truly her own. She still has some things she’d do differently next time around—like making the roof of the loft bedroom higher—but overall, Danielle is proud of her tiny house on wheels.

Danielle's boho tiny house

Danielle is really enjoying living the tiny house lifestyle. Freed from concerns over rising rents, she has cut her work time down to 25 hours a week, leaving plenty of time to go on hikes and enjoy the great outdoors.

Her boho tiny house provides the perfect home for her new adventures.

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To see more videos, check out the Tiny House Expedition YouTube page.

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  • Joann Joann on Jul 31, 2022

    I'm interested, in building a tiny house.

    Problem I have found. Areas that allow you build on. Getting cities to concern use land for tiny is difficult.

    Any decisions?