How a Professional Woodworker Built His Own Tiny House Pontoon Boat

by Simplify

Professional woodworker Richard’s tiny house pontoon boat, Le Koroc, provides a stellar example of how to build a tiny houseboat that feels airy and spacious.

This pontoon tiny houseboat is held aloof on three aluminum pontoons, with a dinette that turns into a sleeping area; a full kitchen with a stovetop, fridge, counter, and storage space; a bathroom with a compost toilet, separate shower, and sink; and a spacious deck for hanging out in.

The bathroom floor is made of wooden slats, so the shower water drips down into the boat’s graywater system. Richard’s meticulous hand can be felt in the fine details, such as the handmade drawers, the cupholders, and mesh storage space, which prevents items from falling and drinks from spilling when the boat moves.

Richard's woodworking skills can be seen throughout the tiny house pontoon boat

This DIY tiny houseboat is 24 feet long and 8.5 wide, weighing a total of 5700 pounds. It is made out of white cedarwood, which is light and slow to rot, making it good for boat building.

The boat has a gas motor with 192 liters of gas; a 160-watt solar panel that powers the fridge and the LED lights; a 30-pound propane top for a heater, cooktop, and hot water heater; and a 56-gallon freshwater tank that can be supplemented by drawing water from the river or lake that the boat is sailing on with the flip of a switch.

Although technically a boat is allowed to drain graywater into the lake or river that it’s sailing on, Richard took things a step further and designed a special charcoal filtration system to purify the graywater before it drains off into the great wide world.

This is just another example of those extra-thoughtful features that make this tiny houseboat so unique. The boat also features many windows and big patio doors, allowing for good airflow. It has a retractable awning on the deck, allowing Richard and guests to hang out there in rain or shine.

Tiny house pontoon boat

From the compost toilet, and the sink and shower to take care of basic needs, to the luxurious deck and ample kitchen, this tiny house pontoon boat is equipped with everything needed to start your life of travel and adventure across the rivers and lakes and enjoy life on the water.

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  • Tristany Tristany on Aug 03, 2023

    I LOVE WOODWORK! I truly wish I had the opportunity to learn more about it, hands-on with a “teacher”. It is a passion for me!

    More than that, If there was just one thing I could wish for, it’d be a space to grow and enhance my woodworking skills and craft. I live in a beautiful, brand-new apartment. I know that it's a huge win, especially if you saw the old one but I don't want to make any unnecessary noise or get paint or products everywhere. So, now, si sit. Passioneless☹️.

  • Cheryl Cheryl on May 19, 2024

    what state are you in? Many States don’t allow Tiny Home living or living on a houseboat. This is beautiful!