This Low-Cost DIY Tiny House Was Built Using Reclaimed Materials

by Simplify

This beautiful blue home on the New Zealand coast is a tiny house made from reclaimed materials.

Lucila and Matias, originally from Argentina, created their stunning dream home tiny house using recycled materials and items that they found in dumpsters.

The building's exterior is made from blue galvanized steel and blue timber that Matias found in a garbage skip and painted. The doors and windows were also found in a garbage skip, and lovingly restored by Lucila and Matias. Offcuts from a grill that Matias made for a friend were transformed into overdoor lamps, and stools that were handcrafted from river stones dot this DIY tiny house’s outdoor space.

The home is parked by the coast, in a lush pasture that Matias and Lucila share with alpacas and cows, that is owned by a professor at the university where Lucila is pursuing a PhD. Because it is a high wind zone, they added tie downs to the house to make sure that it stays stable.

The house is 21.7 feet long by 8.2 feet wide, and contains exterior storage for tools and camping gear. The wooden floors and door frames are made from reclaimed timbers, some of which came from a used table that Matias stripped down. Green bottles and an old tripod became hanging lamps for overhead lighting. Matias made door knobs using natural stones, and handcrafted the cabinets using reclaimed wood and steel.

The tiny house was built using reclaimed materials

An old painter’s ladder leads to the loft, which has a queen size bed, a second-hand cabinet that was painted bright blue to add color to the room, and beautiful views of the sunset over the ocean.

It was important to Lucila and Matias to have a nice bathroom. Thanks to Lucila’s tilework and Matias’s copperwork, the bathroom has a high-end feel.

Despite feeling luxurious, this low-cost tiny house’s price tag comes in at under $30,000, thanks to the intelligent use of secondhand, free, and reclaimed materials, as well as the willingness of Lucila and Matias to DIY most of the build themselves.

Tiny house made out of reclaimed materials

Altogether, this tiny house of reclaimed materials shows that a home on a budget can be beautiful.

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