This Whimsical Prefab Tiny House Even Features a Sauna

by Simplify

Prefab and fairytale aren’t often words that go hand in hand, but this tiny house by a lake is showing that sometimes a prefab tiny home can be a dream come true - there’s even a sauna!

Kristie Wolfe is a tiny home adventurer, who has created unique tiny home Airbnbs across the United States, from Hawai to Idaho. When she took a road trip with a friend to Tenmile Lake in Oregon, she was inspired to create a tiny cottage house only steps from the water.

The tiny home even features a sauna!

Kristie was inspired by the aesthetics and design of Iglucraft, which designs prefab cabins and saunas from natural materials. The only problem was that Iglucraft is located in Estonia! Kristie ordered the prefab home expecting shipping to take 3-5 months and $6,000, but instead, due to shipping holdups and port closures, it took 9 months and $40,000!

The result however, is breathtaking: a beautiful, wooden-framed tiny house that fits in with its natural surroundings.

The house is steps away from a private dock and can be accessed by land or by boat; it also has a double-layer deck on the water. The deck has a cowboy tub where you can take a luxurious outdoor bath surrounded by nature. It also features a prefab sauna that Katie had shipped along with the cabin. This allows guests to experience a proper Scandinavian sauna by the Oregon lakeside.

The crown jewel of the tiny home, according to Kristie, is the bathroom. She sees having a nice bathroom as a proper part of a good vacation experience, just like it’s a proper part of the experience of going to a fancy restaurant.

Kristie changed the bathroom floor plan by taking out a wall to give it more space. She handbuilt the frameless shower and made a beautiful glass door with dried flowers. Kristie added the dried flowers herself and then poured on resin to make them stick - which made the door very heavy for her to carry and install! But the result was well worth it when you see the stunning shower door. The home came with the toilet pre-installed (a benefit of a prefab build) and the home is equipped with indoor plumbing.

Prefab tiny house with a sauna

All in all, Kristie’s tiny house by the lake is a beautiful example of a tiny home vacation getaway, showing that prefab can also be magical.

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  • Debi Debi on Sep 02, 2022

    Yikes! I can see the timeline being extended, but going from an expected $6k to $40k is really poor planning on someone's part.

  • Nomie Nomie on Sep 04, 2022

    Did I miss something?? Like the inside?? Was there a continuation of the video?