This "Invisible" Mirror Cabin is Hidden in Plain Sight

by Simplify

This mirror cabin in the Canadian woods reflects the nature around it, changing color with the time of day and the seasons. The reflective steel blends into the forest, while a special coating prevents birds from accidentally flying into it.

This mirrored tiny house’s main feature is the large window, which overlooks the forest and acts as a natural canvas. You can go to sleep and wake up while looking out to the woods and feel surrounded by nature.

The house’s aesthetics are meant to emphasize its forest location, with a maple wood interior and dining table, and a stainless steel counter that emphasizes simplicity and clean lines. The home’s designers didn’t want anything to distract from the beautiful nature that is this cabin’s best feature. To that end, they also have cladding to prevent echoes, which allows guests to feel alone in this oasis, as well as eye masks and a special sound journey to help travelers detox from city life.

This 200-square-foot space is sparse, but luxurious, with underfloor bathroom heating to keep guests toasty during the cold Canadian winter, that is both cost-efficient and environmental-friendly, as well as as a flushing toilet, which is a tiny home rarity. Water is filtered from a nearby well in order to provide fresh drinking water directly to the cabin.

The full kitchen features a mini fridge and space-saving microwave/oven combination, as well as a stovetop.

The mirror cabin is hidden in the forest just outside of Toronto

Mirror cabin tiny home

The cabin featured in this video is only one of several on the property; others include an “analog cabin” that does not have Wifi service, allowing you to cleanse your mind. There is also a hiking trail and a sauna, allowing for an immersive wellness experience both inside the cabin and on the larger grounds.

Who knew that only a few hours outside of Toronto there is a natural oasis for tiny home living?

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  • Nancy Nancy on Aug 10, 2022

    WOW! I did an online search and found a YouTube video on this.

    I love that they added the design to the siding to help prevent wildlife from flying/running into it. I wonder how well that works since it is so reflective.

    Thank you for bringing my attention to this gem. 😍

  • Carollynda Carollynda on Aug 11, 2022

    I'm a little confused (not unusual for me!) All I see is what looks like a square cage with a mirror or piece of metal on it!!??😸🥴🐈️