The Tree Frame Cabin: A Magical A-Frame Treehouse at Mt Index, WA

by Simplify

Nick dreamed of creating a magical treehouse in the woods on his property at Mount Index in Washington State. He has always loved A-frame architecture, which he finds beautiful and classic, so he used an A-frame design to create the tree frame cabin.

What started as a drawing soon became a real tree house cabin as Nick worked with architects to make his dream a reality. In addition to using the house for his family, he also rents it out on Airbnb, along with other cabins on the property, so anyone can come and experience the magic of this treehouse.

The build was tricky because of the remote location, so Nick acted as the general contractor for the project, arranging everything from architecture to plumbing. He also brought in an arborist to make sure that the A-frame tree house wouldn’t harm the trees; it’s built on a platform in the space between four trees, which is a limiting factor in its size, but is perfectly situated for enjoying the view of the forest. The cabin rests on a static uplifter rester, meaning that it feels stable and doesn’t move.

The house is insulated with batten and fiberglass, and has a propane fireplace heater to keep the interior cozy in winter. The outdoor jacuzzi next to the house makes for a romantic summer date night and is built for two. However, the caramel leather couch does sleep a third person if there are three guests.

Mount Index, Washington State

Nick wants visitors to feel like they are inside the tree; he achieves this effect through the plywood finish and giant skylights with views of the tree overhead. The sliding glass doors open out onto a small porch with stunning views. The wooden aesthetic of the house can also be seen in the big leaf maple countertops for the kitchen, which were made with wood from the property.

The king-bed loft has windows that open and shut to create a cross-breeze with the sliding doors and has beautiful skylight views, creating a feeling of luxury, which can also be felt in small details, such as the heated tile floors and a heated toilet seat in the bathroom.

The tree frame cabin

This tree frame cabin definitely creates a magical feeling that combines nature and luxury at the same time.

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