How to Travel for Free (or Very Cheap!)

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If you’re looking to travel across the country, or even around the world, here is how to travel for free (or very cheap) for yourself and your family.

Does the idea of traveling the world excite you? While you want to see some of the amazing cities and countries across the globe, you may not know how to do it when money is tight, and you’re living on a budget. However, when you want to travel, there is a way to do it for free.

Despite being on a budget, our family travels extensively and our kids have been many places without us spending a fortune. By watching for deals, taking advantage of opportunities and maximizing rewards, we’ve been able to have many adventures without much expense.

If you’re not sure how to travel without paying anything to get to these places, check out this list of the different ways you can do just that.

How to Travel for Free (or Very Cheap!)

  1. Start Working Abroad. You can always travel for free by working abroad. When you work abroad, you get to review the terms of the working arrangement, including the number of hours and days you’ll work per week. You can still have plenty of time to get outdoors and explore the area, traveling to local places within the region to have a good time.
  2. Take a Travel Job. If you have flexibility in being away from home and don’t have to worry about your kids or others, a job that involves travel can be a great way to travel at your company’s expense. In my 20’s and 30’s I traveled extensively and have been to nearly every state, and several countries.
  3. Visit Free Attractions. Believe it or not, many popular tourist attractions are either free, or have ways to visit for free during special admission days. Don’t miss our list of zoos with free admission and our tips on how to get free admission to zoos and other attractions. Before your trip, do some research on your destination to see what’s available! There are usually free museums and and attractions wherever you travel.
  4. Become a Volunteer Many people choose to volunteer for organizations that travel to different countries to help other people. If you love helping others and would like to do so while going to new places, this is a great way to travel for free. You can check out which organizations are currently offering this option! While some organizations do require a small administrative fee, they can help connect you with amazing opportunities to see the world and help others.
  5. Work as an Au Pair or Nanny. If you’re looking to travel for free, you can apply to become an Au Pair, also known as a live-in nanny. Some working parents need a reliable in-home sitter to care for their little ones while they’re away at work. If you don’t mind taking on such a responsibility, this is an excellent way for you to travel without spending any money. Whether you work for a family overseas, or a family closer than home, nannies often travel with their families.
  6. Offer to House Sit for Someone. If you know someone who has a home in a different city, state or country, you can offer to house sit for them while they are away. It gives you a chance to stay in the home for free while you travel throughout the area to see what it has to offer.
  7. Trade Houses. Know someone in another city? Consider swapping houses or apartments for a week or weekend. You both get the opportunity to get away without having to pay for a place to stay.
  8. Get Experience on a Farm. Love the outdoors? Consider working on a farm in a different area. You can find plenty of places offering this option for those wanting to travel abroad. Not only do you get a change of scenery, but you can also spend time with amazing animals and learn new skills while you’re there.
  9. Collect Your Credit Card Reward Points. Another way for how to travel for free is with rewards. If you regularly use your credit card and have accumulated travel rewards points, you can end up booking flights free of charge. Of course, this only applies to certain credit cards. Be sure to look for the best travel credit cards when you’re applying for them. Be sure to join rewards programs for airlines and hotels to easily earn free flights and free hotel stays. We also have redeemed other rewards such as Coke Rewards points for free theme park tickets and tickets to local attractions.
  10. Become an English Tutor. Many countries choose to hire American citizens to work as English tutors, including South Korea. Teach the English language to students while getting paid and enjoying room and board for free. You can make friends, meet new people, and have an incredible time. This can be an amazing opportunity for recent graduates to see the world and experience new things.

Traveling for free isn’t impossible. There are lots of way to travel and do things without spending money! If money is tight, but you’ve always dreamed of visiting different countries, exploring tourist attractions, and making memories, be sure to check out these other ways to travel for free.

Looking for more ways to get away on a budget? Don’t miss our tips for how to take a vacation when you are broke.

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  • Rachel Draper Rachel Draper on Jun 22, 2024

    You forgot one other way to travel for free: win trips! I've travelled to Jamaica, Barbados, Los Angeles and many other places closer to home for free by entering contests.